Farvis Boilers Ltd

  • Unit 7, Suprema Industrial Estate
  • Edington
  • Wiltshire
  • United Kingdom
  • TA7 9LF (map)

  • Tel: 01278 723388
  • Fax: 01278 723820
  • Website: www.farvis.com

Farvis Ltd supply bitumen boilers,  sealant heating equipment and specialist gas burners, thermostatic bitumen boilers, bucket heaters for bitumen, tool heaters & LPG burners.   We specialise in all types bitumen boiler & Propamiser temperature controlled bitumen boilers. Thermostat controlled bitumen boilers

Products include bitumen boilers and bitumen sealant heaters, temperature controlled heaters, oil jacketed bitumen boilers for rubber and polymer materials , tools and accessories.

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