Farvis Boilers Ltd


Farvis Ltd supply bitumen boilers,  sealant heating equipment and specialist gas burners, thermostatic bitumen boilers, bucket heaters for bitumen, tool heaters & LPG burners.   We specialise in all types bitumen boiler & Propamiser temperature controlled bitumen boilers. Thermostat controlled bitumen boilers

Products include bitumen boilers and bitumen sealant heaters, temperature controlled heaters, oil jacketed bitumen boilers for rubber and polymer materials , tools and accessories.

Heatable buckets for Bitumen

Heatable buckets and high output burner stands for patching works and joints.

Tarmac jointing & Thermoplastic heaters

Bitumen boilers, low cost heater mixer boilers for thermoplastic and filled bitumen. small, light weight, high output http://www.farvis.com/prod01.htm#HEATER/MIXERS

Specialist small size heater mixers for occasional repairs or where an expensive powered heater/mixer isn't necessary.

LPG Burners

Burners for industrial use, fuelled by LPG (Propane). We supply Impact, petal and bar burners for industrial use.

Thermostat controlled bitumen boilers

Thermostatically controlled bitumen boilers using the  'Propamiser'  burner control system. Thermostat available for other applications...


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