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These days, with more and more people choosing to walk with their children to school and pick them up on foot, it is vital to provide an area for people to wait at school end and shelter when dropping children off in the morning. 

School Shelters London have become essential to a school wanting to give out the right messages about health and to show commitment to these ideals as no-one wants to wait outside in the rain. It also creates a specific area where parents and children can congregate so they are not spread across the pavement or road.

There is also scope, especially in schools for older pupils, to have shelters for bicycles and children sheltering outside while still getting the benefits of fresh air and a change of scenery. You can also provide shelter for people watching sport and this is also a great encouragement to get people involved more, especially in the winter months.

To find out more about School Shelters London we have a team of specialist installers and designers who can take an audit of your premises and make suggestions as to what will work best for your specific school and your requirements.

SBI have a very wide assortment of school shelters London, from traditional lean to styles; free standing, constructed from aluminium, GRP or timber. Back to back awnings, traditional awnings and canopies, cantilever canopies, solar reflective roofing panels, traditional styled verandas and modern shelters. SBI can also provide your school with external lighting, heating, wind breakers, retractable screens, privacy screens, giant umbrellas with zipped side walls with or with out windows. If you require internal window blinds our window films SBI can provide these as well.

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