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These days, with more and more people choosing to walk with their children to school and pick them up on foot, it is vital to provide an area for people to wait at school end and shelter when dropping children off in the morning. 

School Shelters London have become essential to a school wanting to give out the right messages about health and to show commitment to these ideals as no-one wants to wait outside in the rain. It also creates a specific area where parents and children can congregate so they are not spread across the pavement or road.

There is also scope, especially in schools for older pupils, to have shelters for bicycles and children sheltering outside while still getting the benefits of fresh air and a change of scenery. You can also provide shelter for people watching sport and this is also a great encouragement to get people involved more, especially in the winter months.

To find out more about School Shelters London we have a team of specialist installers and designers who can take an audit of your premises and make suggestions as to what will work best for your specific school and your requirements.

SBI have a very wide assortment of school shelters London, from traditional lean to styles; free standing, constructed from aluminium, GRP or timber. Back to back awnings, traditional awnings and canopies, cantilever canopies, solar reflective roofing panels, traditional styled verandas and modern shelters. SBI can also provide your school with external lighting, heating, wind breakers, retractable screens, privacy screens, giant umbrellas with zipped side walls with or with out windows. If you require internal window blinds our window films SBI can provide these as well.

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Although these sturdy structures built onto the side of your property are called CARPORTS, there are many other ways that our CARPORTS Kent are used. Many people see these shelters as play areas or barbecue areas. Other people have them as an outdoor dry working area. 

When we build a CARPORT the biggest advantage is that no posts are required to hold it up. This means that you will notice no loss of space and have no difficulty manoeuvring out of and in to your vehicle.

Due to the transparency of the materials used, your CARPORT can be installed above a side door or patio and you will not reduce the light coming in. Children love these outdoor play areas and parents like their children getting fresh air, even when the weather isn’t great.

With care of your CARPORTS Kent being so easy and pretty much free of maintenance you will always be glad of the extra comfort and space provided by your carport.


Security Shutters

There is an increasing need for Security Shutters London on many different premises and properties, but the traditional ideas of security shutters are big, ugly bars across a window, or blank shutters that fail to convey the right impression of your business. 

While you want security, the benefit of always having an attractive facade to your business is still as important as ever. There is a wide range of cleverly designed shutters available nowadays and we have made sure that our team understand the unique properties and uses of all of them.

Our team have experience of shutters that can be designed to fit in with the branding of your premises. Whether you are an on street business that wants to protect your expensive and vital computer and communications equipment or are a shop front that wants to still allow people to window shop even out of hours we will find a solution.

To find out more about Security Shutters London and all other aspects of our awnings, shutters and blinds service we want you to give us a call. Appointments are free of charge and we can discuss all aspects of how to achieve the right protection for your business. We look forward to hearing from you.

SBI Ltd can offer you a very wide selection of Security Shutters London for either your business or home.

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Security Shutters

Shop Blinds

SBI Awnings are a highly established company who have built up a reputation over the last decade for delivering on all our promises. With an in depth knowledge of the market and an independent approach to using different blinds, awnings, canopies, shelters, window films, car ports and more, we should be your first point of contact when considering anything in this area. 

Recently we have found ourselves supplying and installing a large number of Shop Blinds London and have discovered some fantastic designs at highly competitive prices. Providing variety to our customers is something we take very seriously as we feel that this is the only way you will find the right styles. You probably recognise the importance of how you sell your shop from the outside and the importance of attracting passing trade.

The use of blinds can really set the tone for your whole shop and create exactly the right impression, and exactly the right style that you want to portray to potential customers. We will help you with ideas, show you what is available and even demonstrate using our portfolio how these ideas have worked for other companies similar to your own.

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Shop Blinds


Having a made to measure awning for your patio or decked area is a real luxury. This enables to you make the most use of your outdoor areas and be in comfort all year round. 

Our awnings Kent service mean that you can organise a barbecue and not be worrying about the weather, simply pull out your awning and the waterproof Teflon coating will keep you protected from any rain.

A well designed awning takes up no space when its closed and means you have no problem knowing where to store it when not in use. Hot sun glaring down, skin burning rays and hot temperatures can also be controlled and give you year round use of your garden or outdoor area.

As these awnings Kent are bespoke, or “made to measure”, it means that you can make the most of your outside space and choose exactly how to protect it. This means that it suits your lifestyle and the layout of your outdoor space.


Patio Roofing

Make the most of your patio or terrace all year round by enjoying a new patio roof or veranda from SBI Ltd. These stand alone patio roofs have high grade aluminium frames with a choice of clear, opal polycarbonate or glass roofs and they can be designed as ‘lean to’ structures or completely free standing. 

Patio Roofing Kent and Verandas enable you to continue with your party whatever the weather. Unlike a conventional awning that can be blown around when windy the Patio Roofs and Verandas have a fixed rigid roof, this means that you can use it in any weather conditions, wind, rain, snow or sun.

Do you want the advantages of having the Patio Roof open or closed, if so then go for the top of the range Sliding Retractable Patio Roofs with the options to have 50%, 66% or 75% of the roof open when you don’t need any cover. But when you do need cover you can simply press a button and your roof will close above you.

The Sliding or Mobile Patio Roof frame work comes in any standard RAL colour with option of having the frame powder coated in a wood effect. This gives you a maintenance free aluminium frame work combined with the look and beauty of a wood finish.

Some of the advantages of owning a Patio Roof or Veranda are protection to your expensive garden furniture, keep your patio free from frost, snow and ice. A safe place for you and your children to relax or play as the glazing in the roof helps to stop harmful UV rays. More space to entertain your friends and family and no need to come in doors when the rain clouds gather.

Patio Roofing


Verandas come in two distinctly different styles from the traditional appearance that suits period properties to the contemporary style that suits more modern properties. At SBI we offer you one of the widest ranges from the UK and continent. If you require a traditional looking Veranda Kent we have available the lattice style and the contoured style. If you require a contemporary Veranda then look no further than our Veranda Lux model. 

The traditional verandas (sometimes spelled verandah) are constructed from cast aluminium components, which are maintenance free, no rusting. The frame work is triple powder-coated in any RAL colour, to achieve a superior and hardwearing finish. The roof is made from glass that fit perfectly between the glazing bars. With glass on top you can enjoy uninterrupted views of the sky.

Your new Veranda Kent will provide you with a protected area from the weather, with the advantage of plenty of fresh air. Glass Verandas are the ideal place to sit and relax with family and loved ones. What ever the weather you will have added a versatile space to your home that will add style and value.

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Conservatory Blinds

A conservatory is a great idea. You bridge the space between a house and a garden with an extra room. This room is part of the house, but you feel relaxed and comfortable like being in the garden with excellent views of your property and often a space for plants to grow. 

The age old problem of conservatories, however, often means that they are too hot or too cold, and only really usable for a few hours a day at the right time of year. With new conservatory blinds Kent your conservatory can be freed up for any use and you can give this room a new lease of life.

To avoid the greenhouse effect you can cut down the amount of sun coming in and control the light with beautiful, strong fabrics designed to exactly fit your conservatory. All conservatory blinds Kent can be operated manually or by remote control.

For a free estimate please contact our team and speak to someone today. We look forward to hearing from you and showing you what we can do, and what we have created and fitted for other customers.

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Conservatory Blinds

Window Films

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