Invicta Vibrators

  • A Division of Grantham Engineering Ltd
  • Harlaxton Road
  • Grantham
  • Lincolnshire
  • United Kingdom
  • NG31 7SF (map)

  • Tel: 01476 566301
  • Fax: 01476 590145
  • Website:

Invicta Vibrators are responsible for every aspect of the production of their own range of VIBRATORS and they are able to offer assistance and advice on their selection and performance.

Invicta Vibrators is a division of Grantham Engineering Ltd and is based (as the name suggests) in Grantham, England. All of our commercial and manufacturing operations are undertaken on our Grantham premises and it is from here that we export our vibrators to customers through out the world.

Unlike conventional squirrel cage electric motors, VIBRATORS are subject to high 'g' forces, have high start up torques and run at higher temperatures. For these reasons we at Invicta, design, specify and manufacture every component which is incorporated into our equipment.

All windings used in Invicta VIBRATORS are manufactured on site at Grantham where we are able to produce designs for the many different voltages and frequencies found on working sites throughout the world. After assembly every winding is individually inspected and tested to ensure that it is free from fault or defect.

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