Interior Fit Out

Interior fit out is the process of refurbishing a whole interior space for the purpose of making it more pleasing to customers and more in-line with the company brand and brand messages. The process involves visually the customer’s journey from the front of the space right through the interior. Components used in an interior fit out include merchandising equipment like shelves, till points, back walls, window displays, point of sale, and countertops. Fit outs also include furniture like tables, chairs and desks as well as overseeing lighting requirements. Interior fit outs are carried out on clothing stores, museums, restaurants, hairdressers, cafes, supermarkets and many other retail spaces.

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  1. Artificial Plants
    - 3 Suppliers 74 Products

    Artificial plants are fake plants which are replicas of the real thing. They commonly come in a range of sizes and are potted in a pot or vase. The benefit or artificial plants is that they serve to provide the same visual aesthetics as real plants, but require none of the care and maintenance.

  2. Bathroom Furniture and Accessories
    - 6 Suppliers 6,137 Products

    Bathroom furniture and accessories is a term used to described all the equipment housed within a bathroom, including domestic and corporate bathrooms. Bathroom furniture includes basin vanity units, toilets, sinks, taps, mirror, cabinets, shower rails, toilet roll holders, towels, and bath matts.

  3. Bedroom Furniture
    - 2 Suppliers 27 Products

    Bedroom furniture can consist of anything from beds, wardrobes, dressers, and chests, to chairs and mirrors and are a big part of what turns a house into a home. It's a chance to personalise your own room with everything you desire to ensure you are comfy and happy with your bedroom.

  4. Beds and Cots
    - 1 Supplier 108 Products

    Beds and cots are used to provide permanent and temporary sleeping equipment for adults, children and babies. Common types of beds include King sizes bed, Queen sizes bed, double bed, Divan bed, sleigh bed, sofa bed, futon bed, mid sleeper, cabin beds, loft beds, single bed, four poster beds, canopy beds, panel beds, storage beds, day beds, toddler bed, air beds, water beds, Murphy beds, feather beds and bunk beds. While common types of cots include convertible cots, drop down cots, and cot beds.

  5. Chairs and Sofas
    - 1 Supplier 4 Products

    Chairs and sofas provide sitting solutions in a wide range of domestic, corporate and recreational situations both indoors and outdoors. Chairs are usually built to accommodate one person at a time, whereas a sofa can be for two or more people.

  6. Dining Furniture
    - 0 Suppliers 0 Products

    Dining furniture is a range of furniture that helps support the process of dining by providing equipment to sit on and eat from, as well as a range of furniture which helps make the experience more comfortable, enjoyable and practical.

  7. Kitchen Furniture and Accessories
    - 2 Suppliers 1,057 Products

    Kitchen furniture and accessories are the terms used to describe all the storage solutions commonly found in kitchens to hold food, appliances, plates, cutlery, cups, glasses and other kitchen necessities. It also includes any furniture which is used to dine in the kitchen area.

  8. Mirrors
    - 3 Suppliers 18 Products

    A mirror is a type of glass commonly used for personal grooming and in decoration, design and architecture to reflect light. They are also commonly used to check for the fit of garments and shoes. However, they are also part of many types scientific apparatus found in lasers, cameras, telescopes and many types of industrial machines.

  9. Nursery Furniture
    - 2 Suppliers 14 Products

    Nursery furniture includes all the equipment commonly found in a nursery to either provide a sleeping, storage, seating, lighting, changing or decorative purpose to babies and toddlers. It is commonly used in any location that provides a sleeping or changing solution for babies and toddlers.

  10. Paint
    - 1 Supplier 185 Products

    Paint is a liquid that, after application, coverts to a solid film. It commonly used on objects to add colour, protection or texture and is available in various types depending on the application. It is widely used in many indoor and outdoor applications.

  11. Partitions and Screens
    - 1 Supplier 70 Products

    Partitions and screens are types of furniture which are used to segregate spaces or provide privacy. They also work to hide unsightly areas, like during a renovation. Common types of partitions and screens include folding screens, free-standing screens, fixed room dividers, hanging room dividers and permanent partitions.

  12. Rubbish Bins
    - 1 Supplier 90 Products

    A rubbish bin is a container that is used for the temporary disposal of rubbish. They are found in many interior and exterior areas to hold waste which includes organic waste, recyclable waste, and everyday trash. Common types of rubbish bins include wheelie bins, dustbins, and trash bins.

  13. Soft Furnishings
    - 2 Suppliers 36 Products

    Soft furnishings is the category used to describe interiors made of cloth which are used to decorate a room – including a bedroom, dining room, home office and livingroom. The most common types of short furnishings include throws, pillows and duvets.

  14. Wallpaper
    - 0 Suppliers 8 Products

    Wallpaper is a material that is used to decorate and cover walls for the purpose of interior decoration. It is available in many forms including non-waven wallpaper, paper wallpaper, photos wallpaper and metal wallpaper. Typical sizes are American (27 inches by 27 feet) in length and European (are 21.5 inches wide by 33 feet).

  15. Other
    - 0 Suppliers 419 Products

    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.