Construction Equipment and Supplies

Construction is a multi-million pound industry. The term construction equipment and supplies is a broad term that encompasses any raw material, machine, tool or component which is used in the building, maintenance and/or restoration of property, whatever the size or nature of the structure in question. It includes both natural and manmade materials and can be classified into specialised trades such as plumbing although there can be some overlap between them. Construction equipment refers to any mechanical device or machine which helps with building such as a cement mixer. It also includes any tools or implements which facilitate construction work. Some are of general use, such as screwdrivers while others are specifically for the more specialised craftsman. Supplies could mean the raw materials which are used in construction, whether these are of large size such as planks of wood or smaller like house bricks. A sub-category of construction supplies is hardware, which is any component or fitting which ensures the functionality of the structure. It varies in purpose and size from bulky water pipes to the smallest nail.

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  1. Building Materials
    - 25 Suppliers 968 Products

    There are a large variety of building materials which can be categorised according to their specialised use in construction or whether they are natural or manmade. Factors such as climate, purpose or cost will influence the choice of the ideal building material and/or method.

  2. Doors and Windows
    - 37 Suppliers 5,923 Products

    There are a large variety of doors and windows, both in terms of their material and their design.Property owners tend to choose the most suitable according to the architectural style of the building as well as the functionality of the door and window, such as its ease of opening or fittings like locking devices.

  3. Electrical Power & Distribution
    - 16 Suppliers 765 Products

    Electrical power and its distribution ensures the uninterrupted flow of energy to meet the demands of all modern appliances as well as basic amenities like heating and lighting.Commercial and industrial premises have greater demand for power than homes so this must be achieved by the installation of more robust equipment.

  4. Fire Equipment & Systems
    - 15 Suppliers 400 Products

    Fire equipment and systems either warn people of the outbreak of a fire or are apparatus to control or contain a fire.Although they have been obligatory in all industrial, commercial or educational facilities for decades, their purchase for the domestic market has become increasingly common.

  5. Floors and Ceilings
    - 11 Suppliers 1,241 Products

    Choose from a wide range of flooring and ceiling types to suit the requirements and architectural design of your building. For domestic or commercial uses, this includes decorative features for your ceiling and floors to change the look of your space.

  6. Hardware
    - 73 Suppliers 75,465 Products

    hardware is an extremely broad term that can be used to refer to any tools or implements that are used to construct or repair. It also covers any of the small components or fittings that are used to ensure the functionality of a building.Hardware is of interest to professional builders as well as the amateur handyman.

  7. Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
    - 60 Suppliers 8,585 Products

    There are a variety of natural, mechanical and powered devices or systems which help with the heating, cooling or ventilation of private or public buildings. An air conditioning system is a popular choice since it combines temperature control and ventilation in one system.

  8. Industrial Buildings
    - 4 Suppliers 349 Products

    An industrial building is a building used to house workers and equipment within a space that allows for the necessary conditions for specific applications. The most common types of industrial buildings include factories, breweries, forges, power plants, mines, sawmills, ship yards, distilleries, drilling rigs, gristmills, refineries, manufacturing plants, and warehouses.

  9. Interior Fit Out
    - 13 Suppliers 8,389 Products

    Interior fit out is the process of refurbishing a whole interior space for the purpose of making it more pleasing to customers and more in-line with the company brand and brand messages. The process involves visually the customer’s journey from the front of the space right through the interior.

  10. Lighting & Light Fittings
    - 27 Suppliers 4,745 Products

    Lighting and light fittings come in a wide variety. The effect which is desired depends on the direction in which the light falls and the position of the light source. Lighting has both a functional and decorative purpose according to which building is being lit.

  11. Plant and Machinery
    - 25 Suppliers 815 Products

    There is a wide range of plants and machinery which are used in every stage of the construction industry. Some equipment has a specific purpose like compacting while other machinery is much more versatile and can be adapted to do different jobs according to the stage of the construction. Such equipment is also useful in any industries apart from construction.

  12. Plumbing Components
    - 42 Suppliers 25,216 Products

    Plumbing components cover an enormous range of fittings, fixtures and products. They can vary widely in size but together their purpose is to ensure that the water distribution system inside and out of buildings functions correctly and there is a constant flow of water.

  13. Roofing
    - 11 Suppliers 906 Products

    Roofing can be pitched or flat and can be made of a variety of materials, both natural and man-made. The choice of roofing materials depends on a number of factors. As the aim of roofing is to provide protection from the elements, a drainage system is also installed to prevent rain causing structural damage.

  14. Safety Equipment
    - 30 Suppliers 107,846 Products

    Safety equipment encompasses a wide range of precautions to prevent an accident in construction or factories. It could be the installation of alarm systems to warn of danger or the conditions in the workplace itself. Protective clothing depends on the job and which body parts are most vulnerable to injury.

  15. Security Devices and Components
    - 38 Suppliers 17,500 Products

    Security devices and components are any installations which protect property by detecting the presence of intruders and sound an alarm as a warning or deterrent. Such devices are mainly installed in industrial and commercial properties although they are becoming increasingly popular in homes too.

  16. Shopfittings
    - 10 Suppliers 1,499 Products

    Shop fittings are types of equipment and fixtures commonly found in retail environments including shops and stores. They are specially designed and planned with the size and nature of the space in mind, usually by someone knowledgeable in the field of shop fitting. Common shop fittings include slatwall, chrome shelving, shop counters, card racks, reception desks, changing rooms, waiting rooms and till points.

  17. Site Management
    - 33 Suppliers 2,128 Products

    Site management has managerial, technical and business aspects but in general terms ensures the trouble-free day-to-day running and supervision of a construction site so that a building project can be finished without going over the projected budget or estimated time of completion.

  18. Stairs and Fittings
    - 12 Suppliers 1,226 Products

    Stairs are used as a solution to access raised levels of buildings or structures. They can be built to accommodate a range of requirements such as durability and decorative effect. Staircases can be built internally or externally to suit your requirements, with the addition of fittings for decorative purposes or ease of access such as handrails.

  19. Tools
    - 58 Suppliers 34,803 Products

    Tools are an integral part of construction sites and for home maintenance. There are a wide variety of tools which are powered in different ways. Some tools are used for specific professions whilst others are more versatile. The decision about which to use depends on the nature of the task as well as its materials.

  20. Waste Systems and Components
    - 9 Suppliers 1,038 Products

    The waste system is an essential part of any building to ensure the hygienic disposal of waste. Soil and waste water can be combined in the pipes or kept separately. There are a number of components, most of which are exclusively used for this system so that drainage is achieved without any backflow.