Generators & Accessories

Generators ensure a supply of electricity even when there has been a power cut or in places where access to the power grid is not convenient. Most generators feature a combustion engine, which runs on a liquid fuel. The starting mechanism may be electric- or battery operated and might be started manually or automatically. Generator accessories ensure the smooth operation of the machine so it continues to function even in adverse weather conditions. Generators can be categorised as standby or portable. Standby generators are fixed in one place and can be powerful enough to cover the energy needs of an entire building. Portable generators are smaller and so cannot produce such large amounts of power but are not as noisy. They can be transported to where they are needed. Some accessories such as remote start switches and maintenance kits would be necessary for both kinds of generator. Others such as a wheel kit for transport purposes and battery chargers would be suitable only for portable machines. Although sometimes purchased for domestic use, standby generators are often installed in places where electricity must be constant such as hospitals. Portable kinds often a temporary solution for the energy needs of construction sites and holiday homes.

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  1. AC Generators
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    AC generators convert mechanical energy into electricity. There are two main types of AC generators: the induction and the synchronous whilst they can also be fixed pieces of machines or portable. These generators cover most energy needs by supplying power for industrial and domestic use as well as transportation.

  2. DC Generators
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    DC generators are machines which convert mechanical energy into electrical energy using a magnetic field and conductors. There are a variety of DC generators and they can also be fixed or mobile. They are less commonly used than AC generators but have a number of domestic and industrial applications.

  3. Generator Accessories
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    There are a wide variety of generator accessories which can ensure its smooth operation even in adverse weather conditions. Some of them are to prevent any problems causing a malfunction. Others make sure that it is easy to transport and convenient for the operator to use.

  4. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.