Electrical Equipment and Systems

Electrical equipment and systems refers to machines powered by electricity. More likely than not, the equipment or system consists of an enclosure that houses electrical component with a user-controlled power switch and usually some way to connect the system to a power-source. Electrical equipment serves in all manner of purposes, both domestic and business. However, more technically, electrical equipment also refers to the components found within electrical distribution systems like the switchboards, transformers and electricity metres, while systems refer to the groups of electrical components all designed and connected to carry out the same function. Most common electrical equipment includes major appliances, microcontrollers, power tools and small appliances. Each of these types of electrical equipment have to be compatible with the two world-wide systems used, which are 100-127 volt, at 60 hertz frequency (in general: North and Central Americas, Western Japan) 220-240 volt, at 50 hertz frequency (most of the rest of the world). Electrical equipment and systems are used worldwide at home and workplaces to remove manual labour, increase speed, increase accuracy, to communicate, remove cost, prolong shelf life, to heat and to transport.

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  1. Batteries
    - 19 Suppliers 1,394 Products

    Batteries are a collection of cells that have a chemical reaction that creates power for varies products including powering children’s toys, clocks, radios, cameras, MP3 players, flash lights, servers, automotive, personal computers, laptops, wrist watches, and kitchen scales.

  2. Cable Management
    - 39 Suppliers 7,729 Products

    Cable management is extremely important to ensure that both power and data systems are able to function correctly and that multiple outlets do not lead to confusion. Cables should be installed to be unobtrusive and easily accessible for repairs and maintenance work. This concerns both businesses and homes.

  3. Cables and Wires
    - 44 Suppliers 4,298 Products

    There are a variety of cables and wires depending on their use. They are found in all domestic, commercial and industrial properties as they ensure the distribution of the electricity supply, the functioning of telephones and televisions as well as the transmission of data.

  4. Circuit Protection
    - 15 Suppliers 837 Products

    Circuit protection is an essential component of any electric circuit and is installed for safety reasons to prevent fires and electric shocks. The most common circuit protection devices are fuses, circuit breaker boxes, Ground Fault Interrupters and surge protectors. The choice of which one(s) to use depends on the building and often a combination will be used.

  5. Electric Actuators
    - 1 Supplier 52 Products

    Electric Linear Actuators are designed to cope in a range of operating conditions, in the industries ranging from agricultural to health and fitness. Actuators work by converting energy produced by an electric motor into torque which then moves a mechanism. The control system of an actuator can be controlled mechanically, electrically, software driven or operated by a human.

  6. Electric Fans
    - 0 Suppliers 0 Products

  7. Electrical Motors
    - 16 Suppliers 1,029 Products

    Electrical motors convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. There are a great number of electrical motors and they are most commonly categorised as to whether they use AC or DC current and whether they are synchronous or asynchronous. Electrical motors ensure the correct functioning of a large number of industrial, technological and domestic appliances.

  8. Electrical Switches
    - 28 Suppliers 3,123 Products

    Electrical switches are devices to control the functioning of most electrical appliances or machines. They all work as binary devices and are either open or closed. The choice of which electrical switch to install depends on the nature of the appliance and what it needs to be able to do.

  9. Energy Management
    - 0 Suppliers 31 Products

  10. Generators & Accessories
    - 13 Suppliers 286 Products

    Standby generators supply electricity to places like hospitals in case of a power cut. Portable generators can be found in places like construction sites which need a temporary supply of electricity. A variety of accessories ensure that they work even in adverse weather conditions and that they are properly maintained.

  11. Power Management
    - 45 Suppliers 9,585 Products

    Power management is an important aspect of all businesses and devices. The efficient use of equipment means fewer man hours lost due to stoppages. In electrical appliances, power saver devices mean that energy is not wasted and the components such as batteries last much longer.

  12. Solar Power
    - 9 Suppliers 121 Products

    Solar power is becoming increasingly popular as a low-carbon energy source. There are various solar power systems, which can provide electric current either directly or indirectly. Solar power has a number of applications from solar-charged batteries for lighting to entire power stations.

  13. Wiring Accessories
    - 16 Suppliers 2,556 Products

    Wiring accessories are essential components to ensure that the power system functions correctly and that power can be accessed easily. There are a wide number of wiring accessories. Although some are only for professionals, others are for homeowners interested in repairing faults or damage.