Analytical Equipment

Analytical equipment is anything whose principle purpose is to qualitatively and quantitatively analyse samples; their chemical make-up and the quantity of each component within it. This separation may be done by one device or it could be combined with another method requiring further investigation with other pieces of equipment. There is a wide range of equipment needed for chemical analysis. Spectrometers and analysers are basic tools to examine particles or individual gases. Devices like the X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer can examine surface and interface conditions looking for foreign particles. With microscopes, the inside of the substance can be directly observed. Compound structural analysis uses equipment like an organic mass spectrometer to investigate the structure of a new chemical substance and its impurities. The analysis of gas generated by heating is performed by devices like heat measuring instruments. Chromatography is widely carried out by many machines to separate and purify substances. Although this equipment is mainly used in laboratories, whether professional or educational, it is also sometimes used in the field for the purpose of on the spot testing of environmental factors or pollution. The pharmaceutical industry makes wide use of analytical equipment in its research for new types of medication.

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  1. Chromatography
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    Chromatography is the process by which samples can be separated so that their individual components can be analysed and identified. There are many types of technique but the most widely used is gas chromatography which is often done in laboratories for research, forensic science or environmental studies looking at pollutants.

  2. Refractometers
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    Refractometers are optical devices used to analyse liquids, solids and gases and work on the principle that light travels at different speeds through them. There are a variety of refractometers from handheld devices to larger pieces of laboratory equipment. They have a number of applications including in medicine, agriculture and food manufacture.

  3. Spectrometers and accessories
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    Spectrometers measure the spectrum of light intensity and this is shown on a graph. There are a variety of spectrometers which can analyse wavelength, frequency, energy, mass or momentum. They have a wide range of applications including medicine, environmental science, space exploration and food production.

  4. Viscometers
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    Viscometers are used in laboratories to measure the viscosity of liquids as part of research or in order to check batch consistency and quality control. They are commonly found in the food, beverages, personal care and paint industries. There are a variety of viscometers which have different configurations according to their function.

  5. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.