Laboratory Equipment and Supplies

Laboratories carry out a number of important and essential functions, all laboratories need to have supplies and equipment. Laboratory supplies and equipment cover everything that is needed for that lab to operate. This includes basic supplies such as gloves, protective clothing, chemicals, ovens, scales and fume hoods to more specialised equipment such as pH meters. Laboratories are essential in today's society as without them we would not have drugs, cures for diseases, clean drinking water or beauty products. Also, laboratory supplies and equipment are used within educational settings such as schools and colleges.

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  1. Analytical Equipment
    - 4 Suppliers 16,743 Products

    There is a wide range of analytical equipment which is used to separate, identify and quantify matter, whether this is a single element or compounds. Although it is mainly used in all types of laboratories (both research and educational), it can also be taken into the field for on the spot analysis particularly concerning the environment.

  2. Laboratory Equipment
    - 18 Suppliers 75,900 Products

    The term laboratory equipment covers an enormous range of machines and utensils, which vary in size from large pieces of machinery to small pieces of glassware. Equipment can be categorised according to its function and its acquisition would depend on the type of laboratory.

  3. Laboratory Safety Equipment
    - 13 Suppliers 18,045 Products

    Laboratory safety equipment is essential in all laboratories in case of an accident. This can include the workers' attire such as a laboratory coat, goggles and gloves. There should be firefighting equipment like fire extinguishers and blankets. A first-aid kit is vital and some places might need a fume hood.

  4. Laboratory Supplies
    - 6 Suppliers 125,077 Products

    A laboratory is often referred to as lab and it provides a controlled environment where scientific or technological research, experiments, and measurement may be performed. Laboratory equipment is all the all the equipment used in this environment and includes pH and conductivity meters, shakers and mixers, weighing equipment and balances, spectrophotometers, fume hoods, ovens, hotplates, water baths test chambers and other laboratory instruments.