Water Baths

Water baths are pieces of laboratory equipment and consist of a container filled with heated water. They all have a digital or analogue interface to set the desired temperature and automatically turn on and off to keep a constant temperature. They can be used only for temperatures up to 100 degrees centigrade and only distilled water is used to prevent salt deposits on the heater. The cover is kept closed to prevent evaporation and if a liquid gives off fumes, a fume hood is installed. There are three basic type of water bath. Also known as stirrers, circulating water baths are utilised when temperature uniformity and consistency are critical for the nature of the experiment or procedure. The non-circulating water bath relies on convection so that it is less accurate in terms of temperature control. However, attachments can be added to create uniform heat transfer. Shaking water baths have an extra control for shaking and can be used to mix large quantities of fluids together. Water baths have a number of applications in laboratories. They can ensure chemical reactions at high temperatures and are a reliable heat source for flammable chemicals to prevent ignition. They are widely used for the incubation of cultures.

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