Packaging is the process, and all components, used in the transportation, storage or sale of products. As a process and syste,, packaging can be described as a system of preparing goods for transport, warehousing, logistics, sale, and then for end use. In terms of physical equipment for the packaging process, common types are medical device packaging, cartons, pallet wrap, bulk chemical packaging, military material packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, packaging bags, bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, over-the-counter drug packaging, retail food packaging, packaging labels, pallet wrap, packaging sleeves, packaging strapping and packaging tape. Packaging equipment is used by those who transport goods including industries like freight, food and beverage, engineering, apparel and other consumer goods.

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  1. Bags
    - 16 Suppliers 1,948 Products

    Packaging bags are used to carry or transport goods. The most common type of packaging bag is a poly bag, commonly used by supermarkets. Other types of packaging bags include food bags, poly bags, zipper bags, postal bags, clear cone bags, handle bags and retail bags.

  2. Blister Packaging
    - 1 Supplier 9 Products

    Blister packaging which is also known as clamshell packaging is an increasingly popular means of displaying a wide variety of products. This packaging is used to fit products and present them suitably for customers, it allows the customer to see the product clearly.

  3. Bubble Wrap
    - 9 Suppliers 99 Products

    Bubble wrap is a transparent packaging available in rolls and sheets that is used to transport fragile items. It provides protection thanks to protruding air-filled hemispheres that provide cushioning. Bubble wrap is commonly used to transport delicate goods, especially when moving house or relocating.

  4. Cardboard Boxes
    - 10 Suppliers 291 Products

    Cardboard boxes are used for packaging goods and materials and come in a wide range of options including shipping containers, folding cartons, set-up boxes and drink boxes. The most recognisable cardboard boxes are cereal boxes, cigarette boxes, and chocolate boxes.

  5. Cartons
    - 8 Suppliers 153 Products

    Cartons are used in packaging and are also known as boxes or containers. The most recognisable form of cartons are egg cartons, folding cartons, aseptic cartons, beverage cartons, drinks cartons, milk cartons, and gable tops. Cartons offer a way to transport, store, sell and also contain.

  6. Foam Tape
    - 4 Suppliers 48 Products

    Foam tapes are double sided tapes used in the process of sealing, bonding, cushioning, mounting, protection and fixing. They are used in a wide range of applications, both in the workplace and domestically whenever two surfaces require bonding in fuss-free way.

  7. Foodsafe Packaging
    - 8 Suppliers 1,122 Products

    Foodsafe packaging, sometimes known as food grade packaging is used for food storage, protection and preservation. Often biodegradable, food safe packaging includes cling film, takeaway and beverage containers and products designed to maintain the integrity of frozen and fresh ingredients. The pharmaceutical industry also uses food safe packaging.

  8. Labels
    - 9 Suppliers 455 Products

    Packaging labels are a type of packaging component that are used in pharmaceuticals, food, medical, and chemical to communication information from the company to the customer. This might include product information, expiry dates, delivery dates or track and trace details (including barcodes).

  9. Pallet Wrap
    - 10 Suppliers 69 Products

    Pallet wrap is used by industries who either transport or store goods on a pallet. Often known as stretch wrap or stretch film, pallet wrap offers stability of products or packaging as well as some benefits again moisture, UV, and dust.

  10. Postal Packaging
    - 10 Suppliers 214 Products

    Postal packaging is packaging used to transport products in the post. It conforms to courier and mail service provider specifications in term of size and can also offer protection for goods whilst in transit. Common types of mail packaging include envelopes, mailing boxes, bubble postal bags, postal tubes and Postpak.

  11. Protective Foam
    - 4 Suppliers 23 Products

    Protective foam works by offering cushioning, which minimising movement, and controls the impact of shock and vibration. Items can be wrapped in foam (with foam sheets or bags), placed into foam foams (like with Styrofoam) or encased in loose foam (loose fill).

  12. Sleeves
    - 5 Suppliers 53 Products

    Packaging sleeves are cardboard and paper surrounds commonly found wrapped around food and drink produce to offer more information. The most common type of wrap around packaging is found in ready meals, which allow product information without completely covering the product.

  13. Strapping
    - 10 Suppliers 143 Products

    Packaging strapping is used to secure boxes and pallets so that they cannot come undone in transit or during storage. They are commonly used in the consumer foods industry, as well as freight, removal and relocation industries.

  14. Tapes
    - 20 Suppliers 573 Products

    Packaging tape is commonly used to seal cardboard boxes because it is wide enough to seal gaps and strong enough to maintain a hold even in storage and transit. It is also known widely as box-sealing tape and parcel tape.

  15. Other
    - 0 Suppliers 429 Products

    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.