Materials Handling and Storage

Material handling and storage refers to mechanical equipment used for the transportation, control, protection and storage of materials and goods during the process or manufacturing, distribution, consumption or disposable. The main types of handling and storage equipment are – transport equipment, positioning equipment, load formation and storage. The main types material handling equipment includes: conveyors, cranes, and industrial trucks. Positioning equipment includes: ft/tilt/turn tables, hoists, balancers, manipulators and industrial robots. Unit load form equipment includes: pallets, skids, slipsheets, tote pans, bins/baskets, cartons, bags, and crates. The main types of storage equipment include: bin shelving, storage drawers, carousels, A-frames, racks and pallets. In order to have a productive and hazard free workplace it’s important to correctly have the right types of material handling and storage solutions in place. Industries that must cohere to this include the manufacturing industries.

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  1. Bulk Materials Handling
    - 18 Suppliers 514 Products

    When you need bulk materials moved from one source to another, or several bulk materials centralised in one location than you rely on Bulk Material Handling equipment. Bulk material handling can also encompass your storage needs and provide inventory control. This equipment options are bountiful but it commonly encompasses conveyor belts, rail dumpers and hoppers.

  2. Conveying
    - 17 Suppliers 347 Products

    No equipment moves materials and produce more efficiently than a conveyor, which can also successfully move bulky and heavy goods and materials from level to level. They can be installed almost anywhere, even small spaces, and are providing essential services for some of the world’s biggest industries.

  3. Lifting
    - 32 Suppliers 6,419 Products

    Lifting equipment is the term used to define any equipment needed to lift loads of any size, shape and weight. Lifting equipment falls into manual equipment, which relies on the user, as well as automated which requires no manual input from the user beyond the controls.

  4. Packaging
    - 55 Suppliers 6,930 Products

    Packaging is used by those in consumer goods and similar industries to transport or store goods. It is used as a way of protection but also to sell the product. Common packaging includes packaging, packaging bags, bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, cartons, pallet wrap, packaging labels, pallet wrap, packaging sleeves, packaging strapping and packaging tape.

  5. Packing and Wrapping
    - 23 Suppliers 481 Products

    When goods are transported it’s essential they cohere to guidelines on packaging and wrapping. The purpose of proper packaging and wrapping is to ensure that goods arrive on time, in the same condition as they arrived in and without any problems at customs.

  6. Racking and Shelving
    - 15 Suppliers 2,018 Products

    Racks and shelves are used to hold, display, store items in the home, business or store. Types of shelves include free-standing and wall mounted, and they are designed depending on their purpose and whether they are storing heavy or light objects.

  7. Storage Tanks
    - 21 Suppliers 3,828 Products

    One storage solution that is available to businesses includes containers, which can be sued for the storage of goods, particularly liquids and compressed gas. Because of their size, and potential to bulk hold, storage tanks are popular in the following industries - oil and gas, beverage, chemical, dairy, food and paint.

  8. Transporting
    - 22 Suppliers 2,002 Products

    Transporting and storing small goods and equipment within the workplace is a common need in businesses. Carts and Trolleys are available in a range of styles and sizes, catering for the variety of transporting needs such as component organisation and order picking across the retail, catering, agriculture and warehouse sectors.

  9. Weighing and Measuring
    - 6 Suppliers 189 Products

    The selection of accurate and efficient weighing equipment is vital to many businesses, and the integration of technology to modern weighing scales makes the inventory process more streamlined than ever before. Weighing and measuring scales can be found in factories, warehouses, retail shops and many more locations.