Spacers are very useful in drive assemblies as a means of locating components, and to isolate the moving parts of ball bearings from their adjacent components. They literally create space and clearance between two components. Spacers are available in various types. Laminated spacers allow thin layers to be peeled off to arrive at the optimum spacer thickness. Often laminated spacers are made of brass, which is softer and easier to use in many situations. Inner race spacers are placed in between the inner race and its adjacent component to add clearance for the outer race and cage. Outer race spacers work in the opposite way. Spacers are highly useful components that add clearance between components in various types of drive assembly applications.

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  1. Inner Race Spacers
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    Inner race spacers are for drive assembly applications and are used to locate and isolate components. They are placed into the inner race and provide clearance for the outer race and its cage. With various bore sizes available and excellent rates of tolerance, inner race spacers are essential components.

  2. Outer Race Spacers
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    Outer race spacers are used in drive assembly applications. They are placed in between the outer race and the adjacent component to provide clearance for the inner race and the cage. Various sizes are available and it is possible to stack outer race spacers in assemblies if required.

  3. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.