Mechanical Components and Assemblies

Mechanical components and assemblies such as bearings are components that allow either linear or rotational movement to occur. At the same time, bearings are capable of handling either radial or axial loads (or both) and help to reduce friction. Bearings come in a variety of different types. A plain bearing features a shaft, known as a journal, which rotates freely. This type of component can handle both axial and radial loads. Ball bearings, which also come in various types, use balls to rotate and are able to bear thrust as well as radial loads. Linear bearings are designed to facilitate any type of linear motion. Various types of roller bearings spread overall weight over a larger area and so are able to handle greater loads. Mechanical components and assemblies such as bearings have a vast number of uses in applications both in domestic and industrial settings. Appliances for the home and the automotive and aerospace industries all rely on the ability of such components to facilitate movement and withstand force.

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  1. Anti-Vibration Mounts
    - 8 Suppliers 1,524 Products

    Vibrations handling devices, commonly also known as vibration isolators, are devices that reduce vibration, absorb loads and withstand heavy loads. Some common types of vibrations handling devices include bushings, level mounts and stud mounts. Vibrations handling devices are essential in many industrial and domestic applications.

  2. Bearings
    - 21 Suppliers 4,559 Products

    Bearings are components that enable linear or rotational movement to take place. Bearings bear the weight of pressure, reduce friction and enable smooth, quick and efficient operation. Bearings can be found in a vast number of domestic and industrial applications.

  3. Belts, Chains, Sprockets, Pulleys
    - 20 Suppliers 349 Products

    Belts, chains, sprockets and pulleys work together to provide either power transmission or linear motion in a vast range and types of machinery. Belts and pulleys work together to transmit power. Similarly, sprockets and chains work together in chain drive systems. The sprocket wheel is the mechanism that drives the power in roller chain machinery.

  4. Clamps
    - 24 Suppliers 1,048 Products

    Clamps are utilised in a variety of styles of clamp collars on machinery. Clamps ensure that no shaft damage occurs and to ensure that force is distributed uniformly on the shaft. As well as several types of clamp collars, including one-piece and two-piece designs, two-screw clamps can be used to provide force to two sides. More screws can be used to enable force on a greater number of sides, and on two dimensions.

  5. Clutches
    - 4 Suppliers 32 Products

    Clutches are mechanical devices that are used to disengage and engage power transmission from the driving shaft right to the driven shaft are commonly used in a wide range of applications including overrunning, backstop and indexing. They are used in vehicles including automobiles and motorcycles as well as conveyors and printing presses.

  6. Couplings
    - 16 Suppliers 1,244 Products

    Couplings are devices that allow power transmission to occur by connecting two shafts together. When rotating, the two connected pieces of equipment will be allowed to misalign and move to a degree. Couplings are used in an extensive range of machinery, to connect parts of equipment, to reduce transmission of shock loads and to transfer motor power.

  7. Dials
    - 5 Suppliers 19 Products

    Dials are used to record measurements and for indexing in various applications. They are used in conjunction with an index to enable this. Types of dials include drum dials and flat dials. The direction of numbering, range of graduation and degree steps are available in many different settings on different types of dials.

  8. Flow Control Valves
    - 14 Suppliers 4,483 Products

    Flow control valves, often known as Automatic Control Valves, regulate pressure and flows of fluid. Types of flow control valves include flow control valves, pressure reducing valves, wafer check valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, back-pressure sustaining valves, globe valve, Hastelloy ball valve, Globe valve, Inconel valve, relief valves and altitude valves.

  9. Gearbox Assemblies
    - 7 Suppliers 50 Products

    Gearbox assemblies are transmission assembly systems designs to power machinery in applications in various industries. Often gearbox assemblies are custom-made specifications. Gearbox assemblies will be tested for load and torque and often utilise spur and worm drive gears, with either straight or right angle gearboxes.

  10. Gears
    - 11 Suppliers 82 Products

    Gears are toothed wheels that are shaped and profiled in specific ways to mesh and transmit power between shafts. Gears are generally categorised by their location on a shaft and the positioning of the tooth, and its design. Gears are utilised in a vast range of applications.

  11. Handles
    - 9 Suppliers 208 Products

    Handles come in various shapes, sizes and styles for use in numerous applications across many industries. Stainless steel and aluminium are among the most popular metals, but many plastics are used in handles too, Steel threads are often utilised to add additional strength to a handle. Grab handles, straight handles, revolving handles and folding handles are some of the most commonly used types of handle.

  12. Hubs
    - 4 Suppliers 15 Products

    Hubs eliminate the need for many machining operations, such as keyways and snap ring groove turning. Instead, hubs offer easy installation and removal and are unaffected by vibration and torque reversal. Hubs allow small diameter shafts and bearings to be used, because of their great strength.

  13. Lead Screws and Slides
    - 4 Suppliers 19,935 Products

    Lead screws and slides create exceptional high speeds from low rotational speeds. This fast linear travel is produced quietly and efficiently. Stainless steel and aluminium are the most common material types. Lead screws and slides are excellent for short stroke applications.

  14. Magnets and Magnetic Assemblies
    - 2 Suppliers 293 Products

    A magnet is a material or object which produces a magnetic field. A magnetic field is an invisible force with properties which pulls ferromagnetic materials such as iron and other magnets at opposite poles or has the property of repelling other magnets at the same polarity. A magnet combines with non-magnet materials to create a magnetic assembly which increases the magnetic force in a circuit.

  15. Mechanical Components Hardware
    - 32 Suppliers 6,267 Products

    Mechanical components, such as the vast range of screws, nuts, pins and retaining rings, are essential hardware pieces for machine assembly and a wide variety of both domestic and heavy industrial applications. Various types and specifications suit the needs of particular applications and industries.

  16. Nuts and Bolts
    - 25 Suppliers 3,240 Products

    Nuts are fasteners that secure two or more parts in place in conjunction with a bolt. The friction from the threaded hole and compression ensures the nut stays in place. Often, in applications that rotate and vibrate, locking mechanisms are required. Used in a variety of domestic and industrial settings, some nuts are engineered to be industry-specific – some requiring particular torque settings.

  17. Pins
    - 19 Suppliers 1,329 Products

    Pins are used to fix, locate and retain components of assembly securely in place to ensure smooth and efficient operation. Various types of pin, including cotter pins, clevis pins and dowel pins are designed with specific functions, showing the versatility of pins as essential pieces of hardware.

  18. Pipework and Fittings
    - 3 Suppliers 5,736 Products

  19. Pumps
    - 18 Suppliers 2,999 Products

    A pump can be powered mechanically, by electricity, engines and wind power. Their function is to move fluids (liquids and gases) through a mechanical action. They are widely used in the car industry, energy industry and biochemical industry as well as domestically.

  20. Retaining Rings
    - 8 Suppliers 155 Products

    Retaining rings are mechanical fasteners. They work by forming fixed shoulders that hold components in place. Retaining rings deform during installation but spring back to their original shape. They can be used in a variety of different applications and, depending on the type, in a range of different environments.

  21. Rope
    - 4 Suppliers 290 Products

    Ropes are made from nylon, polypropylene, polyester, and natural fibres and are used in a wide variety of applications due to their tensile strength. Such applications include lifting, pulling and dragging in the fields of construction, sports, theatre, seafaring, exploration, and communication.

  22. Rubber Seals
    - 18 Suppliers 3,779 Products

    Rubber seals come in a wide variety of types and styles but all specifications essentially perform a similar function. They protect machinery from leaks, fluids, gases, dirt and debris and any type of contamination affecting the performance of a machine. Common types of rubber seals include V-rings, oil seals and shaft seals.

  23. Shafts
    - 5 Suppliers 19 Products

    Precision shafts are vital devices in a wide range of machinery, instruments and equipment. The fact that no two applications are identical is reflected in the extensive range of different types of shaft that are available, as well as the various lengths, diameters and finishes on offer.

  24. Spacers
    - 6 Suppliers 51 Products

    Spacers are useful additions in drive assembly applications. Spacers provide space and clearance between ball bearings and other components. Laminated spacers are easily adjustable and inner race spacers and outer race spacers are the two most common types of spacers.

  25. Springs
    - 12 Suppliers 740 Products

    Spring mechanisms are required in a large number of mechanical operations, assemblies and applications. Various types of springs, including compression springs, extension springs, wave springs and torsion springs are suitable for use in various applications. Springs will either compress, twist or extend to bear loads, transmit motion and to ensure smooth operation.

  26. Washers
    - 26 Suppliers 1,779 Products

    Washers are thin plates, usually shaped like a disc with a central hole, that enable a load to be distributed from a screw or nut. They can be used as a spacer and provide a layer of protection. The three main types of washer are: plain, spring and locking.