Telecommunication Equipment and Systems

Telecommunication equipment and systems is the hardware and software used for the purposes of communication. Telecommunication technology continues to evolve, and it’s impacting on equipment technology. What was once an industry that supported a simple device, used to covey voice over modest distances (i.e. the phone) has grown to encompass complex medias that transfer not just voice but data all around the world. The telecommunications industry now encompasses systems that are both analog and digital as well as fiber-optical conductors. Such equipment includes optical fibre, local loops, communication satellites, digital switches, analogue switches and transmission equipment – including lines, pagers, mobile phones, faxes, modems, landlines and answering machines. The right telecommunication equipment and systems are necessary to support the quality of your communication but also the speed in which you are connected. This is vital for all users, both at home and work.

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  1. Customer premises equipment
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    Customer Premises Equipment is the equipment physically located at subscriber’s premises, be it residential or business. This equipment includes any hardware, terminal or associated equipment and includes telephones, routers, modems, and set-top boxes. The equipment traditionally stays on-loan to the customer, with the service provider taking responsibility for any technology upgrades.

  2. Public switching equipment
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  3. Telecommunications Solutions
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  4. Transmission equipment
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    Transmission equipment is hardware used in the telecommunications and previously only described hardware (like transmission lines, multiplexers and base transceiver stations) but has grown to encompass telephones, radios and even commuters. Transmission equipment is essential to so many industries including medical, automotive, business and pleasure.