Customer premises equipment

Customer premises equipment is also known as customer provided equipment (CPE) and it encompasses any hardware, terminal or associated equipment that is physically located at a subscriber’s premises but connect with the carrier’s telecommunication channel. Customer Premises Equipment includes telephones, routers, switches, residential gateways, set-top boxes, types of fixed mobile convergence products and internet access gateways. Generally, CPEincludes anything purchased by the subscriber, or provided by the service provider (or operator). Essentially, the service provider or operator still owns the equipment and it is loaned to the customer (although some customers do decide to purchase equipment, like in the instance of modems). Traditionally, the loan agreement shields the customer from the cost of any technology upgrades. The equipment can be provided to both residential addresses and businesses.

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  1. Answering machines
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    Ensure that you never miss a message at home or work with an answering machine directly linked to your residential or business landline. Forget about tapes, today’s answerphones come with microchips and digital displays with makes playback, deletion and saving just one button away.

  2. Landline telephones
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    A Land Line Telephone offers superior call quality over a mobile. Not only this but, you can have several phone devices linking to the same line – meaning you will never have to hunt for that one phone again, every time you hear it ring. If your calls matter, a land line telephone is a must for you.

  3. Local area networks
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    Businesses today demand file and service sharing, whether that be sharing of files, printers or services like email and internet. LAN connects systems in the same room, same building or spread over clusters of buildings. The most common form of LAN is Wi-Fi (WLAN), which uses radio waves to connect computers.

  4. Mobile phones
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    In this day and age, everyone has a mobile phone! In fact, they have fast become everyone’s most essential and important possession. However, not all mobile phones are created equal – SMART phones are leading in the industry by performing functions typically done by a computer (internet access, GPS and an operating system capable of running apps).

  5. Modems
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    Modems are the reason computers and phones successfully transmit data through telephone lines. After all, computers save data digitally but send via analogue – the modem is the tool that converts between these two forms. It is because of modems that we successful send and share digital information.

  6. Pagers
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    Pagers are used worldwide in situations where mobile phones simply cannot cut it, like emergency situations where service network is poor or hospitals where radio frequencies interfere with equipment. In fact, the pager is so common you see it every day when being alerted to the fact that your meal is ready in a restaurant.

  7. Private switches
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    Sometimes it’s necessary to separate ports from the broadcast domain, for example, like in a hotel when several rooms are sharing the same network. However, no user wants to have a shared network that allows for the exchange of all information, which is where private switches can help in restricting the communication with assigned uplinks.

  8. Routers
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    Routers forward all the data between computer networks by directing all the functions on the internet. They are available in different types, for both home and business and are an indispensable telecommunications tool that forward data that is broken down into packages from one router to another, until it reaches the destination source.

  9. Teleprinters
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    Before today the teleprinter was much wider adopted and in widespread use, but has since been replaced by new technologies like the fax, the PC and the Internet. If you are in a niche industry, you might still find yourself relying heavily on the teleprinter – specially if you work in, aviation and telecommunications for the deaf where the teleprinter is still an essential piece of equipment.

  10. VOIP Systems
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    Voice Over Internet Protocol is a category of technology that enables people to use telephone systems over the internet. VOIP allows businesses to have a more cost-effective organised telephone system which allows your business to manage voice, data and videos easily on the same software. There is a wide variety of VOIP software providers such as VOIPstudieo, 8x8 Virtual Office Pro, Vonage / Vonage Business and much more. VOIP can also be when a call is made over a computer for example Skype.

  11. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.