Audio Visual Equipment

Audio visual equipment are types of consumer electronics used to create a visual or audio display in the home or workplace. They work by receiving audio and video signals from a source and processing them to loudspeakers and a display. Common types of audio visual equipment include LCD projectors, overhead projectors, TVs and video players, projection screens, CD player, amplifiers, audio processors, analysers, AV software, audio cables, cameras, camcorders, microphones, radios, screens, speakers, sound systems and remote controls. Audio visual equipment is widely used for the purposes of displaying visuals or sound both domestically and in a corporate environment.

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  1. Microphones
    - 4 Suppliers 56 Products

    A microphone (often called a mic) is a transducer that works by converting sound into an electrical signal. They are used in a wide range of applications including in telephones, public address systems, hearing aids, sound recording, megaphones, television broadcasting, radio broadcasting and motion picture production.

  2. Radios
    - 14 Suppliers 55 Products

    A radio is a device that allows for the listening of music via wireless radio communications. They work through the transmission of music, pictures, data and conversions through the air. Radios are used to broadcast music, entertainers and news in the home, car and workplace. They are also used in garage door openers, radio controlled toys, GPS receivers, police radios, and wireless clocks.

  3. Remote Controls
    - 7 Suppliers 44 Products

    A remote control is an electronic device which offers the convenience of operating a machine remotely and from a distance. Remote controls offer different functions including powering a device on and off. They are used domestic home and workplace to operate a range of appliances remotely and from a distance.

  4. Screens
    - 2 Suppliers 97 Products

    A screen is a display system used to display audio and visual information. They enable people to see content such as moving images, still images, text and other visual materials. Common types of screens include television sets, computer monitors, head-mounted display, broadcast reference monitor and medical monitors.

  5. Sound Systems
    - 2 Suppliers 96 Products

    Sound systems are commonly used in the home or in the form of mini discos for events. However, they also serve an important function in a much wider context, when used at concerts, festivals or public events to amplify and output audio to large audiences. They work by amplifying audio for an audience, playing music that is stored on CDs, USBs, through the television or transmitting wirelessly. They also work to amplify and output live audio, like that transmitted through a microphone.

  6. Speakers
    - 11 Suppliers 154 Products

    Speakers are electroacoustic transducers which convert an electrical audio signal into sound. The most common type of speaker are dynamic loudspeakers, but other common speakers include full-range drivers, subwoofers, woofers, mid-range drivers, tweeters, coaxial drivers and horn loudspeakers.

  7. Televisions
    - 9 Suppliers 476 Products

    Televisions are widely used at home, work and at leisure to broadcast news, education, entertainment, politics and advertising. The most common type of television used today is the digital TV. Modern updates include the smart TV and 3D TV. Other types of TV include terrestrial television, cable television, satellite television and Internet television. Different types of display types include DLP, plasma, LCD, and OLED, while common resolutions include HD, LD, SD, and UHD.

  8. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.

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