Gloves are used by several workers and few manufacturing or industrial activities can be performed safely without using a glove of one or other type. Gloves of various types such as chemical protection gloves, cold weather gloves, cut resistant gloves, disposable gloves, electrician gloves, impact protection gloves, water-resistant gloves, general handling gloves, heat resistant and welding gloves are a must have for most industrial workers. Depending on the use, gloves are made up of a wide variety of highly advanced fibres and synthetics which allow them to withstand cold, pressure, heat, fire or electric charge. Gloves protect human hands from a wide variety of workplace hazards.

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  1. Chemical Protection Gloves
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    Chemical protection gloves are used in several workplaces for protecting human hands from minimal chemical exposure to full chemical immersion. They are an essential feature of chemical laboratories, waste disposal and other places where one may need to handle chemicals.

  2. Cold Weather Gloves
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    Cold weather gloves are used for protecting human hands in conditions ranging from mild to extreme cold and are designed to be used in both wet and dry conditions. Cold gloves can also protect hands from cuts, abrasions etc. and are ideal for use in cold storages and other facilities with low temperatures.

  3. Cut Resistant Gloves
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    Cut resistant gloves are used in all workplaces where workers must deal with sharp tools or objects and there is a risk of cut or injury. Cut resistant gloves are made up of a wide variety of materials such as metal mesh, steel fibre, polyamide, Kevlar, spandex etc. and offer protection from cuts, slashes and abrasions.

  4. Disposable Gloves
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    Disposable gloves are used in several workplaces such as laboratories, food and eating establishments, chemical plants, factories etc. Most disposable gloves are made up of vinyl, latex, nitrile, blue nitrile, stretch polymer, neoprene etc. and some may also offer chemical protection.

  5. Electrician Gloves
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    Electrician gloves are designed to withstand electric shocks of up to 1000 volts and are ideal for someone working on wiring in residential or commercial buildings. Electrician gloves are made of electricity resistant material and ensure the safety of electricians.

  6. General Handling Gloves
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    General handling gloves are designed for general purpose use and can be found in almost all workplaces. Most general handling gloves offer protection from minor workplace hazards and can prevent small cuts or abrasions to skin. General handling gloves are usually made up of leather, latex, nylon, cotton or other synthetic fibres.

  7. Impact Protection Gloves
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    Impact protection gloves offer protection from impacts, shocks and punctures which are among the major causes of injury to industrial workers. Impact protection gloves are also used by bikers, police officers and others who may need protection from abrasions or shocks.

  8. Oil and Gas Gloves
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    Oil and gas gloves are designed to protect oil rig and pipeline workers from normal injuries associated with working in this industry. Most oil gloves are impact, cut resistant and some can also resist heat, although heat resistance is not as strong as found in welding or heat resistant gloves.

  9. Vibration Protection Gloves
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    Vibration protection gloves are essential for workers working with vibrating machines as long term usage of such machines without any protection can affect the human body and internal muscles. Vibration protection gloves and designed to minimize the impact of vibrations on human hand and muscles.

  10. Welding and Heat Resistant Gloves
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    Welding and heat resistant gloves are designed to withstand temperatures ranging from 100 degree Celsius to 500 Degree Celsius and can also resist small splashes of molten metal. Welding gloves are used by all industrial workers and welders from protection against radiant heat, convective heat and contact heat. Welding gloves also have high resistance to flammability.

  11. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.