Workwear refers to several items used by workers during office hours. Although the definition of workwear can vary from place to place as sometimes the line between normal wear and workwear is blurred. Workwear includes several items such as thermal gloves, thermal vests, chemical protection gloves, cut resistant gloves, cold protection gloves, impact protection gloves, oil and gas gloves, headwear, beanies, gaiters etc. Normally any wearing item designed for the safety during work is considered as part of workwear. Catering wear used in eating establishments is also considered a part of workwear. Most businesses and offices use company branded pieces of workwear such as jackets, headwear, coats etc.

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  1. Baselayer and Thermals
    - 2 Suppliers 110 Products

    Base layers and thermals are primarily designed for use in cold climates and are also used for outdoor and sports activities. Layered structure of these garments allow the air to be trapped between various layers which then acts as thermal insulation.

  2. Gloves
    - 22 Suppliers 1,394 Products

    Gloves are considered an important part of workwear and are used in number of manufacturing and industrial facilities for protecting hands from numerous workplace hazards. Although, thermal gloves or cold resistant gloves are the most commonly known form of gloves, there are other types of gloves such as cut resistant gloves, impact protection gloves, water resistant gloves etc.

  3. Headwear
    - 6 Suppliers 336 Products

    Headwear is used for protecting head and face of workers from extreme climate or workplace hazards such as impacts, cuts, slashes etc. Headwear of various types such as work caps, work hats, headgear carriage, headgear visors, beanies and gaiters is used depending upon the working climate and type of workplace hazard present.

  4. High Visibility Workwear
    - 9 Suppliers 899 Products

    Hi Vis workwear use reflexive colours which makes them easily discernible from their immediate background and surroundings. Yellow coats and caps used by emergency service workers are the most common form of Hi visibility workwear. Hi visibility workwear is available in numerous forms such as Hi Vis coats, caps, helmets, jackets etc.

  5. Jackets and Coats
    - 6 Suppliers 1,844 Products

    Jackets and Coats of various types such as bodywarmers, Canvas Jackets, Chainsaw and Forestry Jackets, Flame Retardant Jackets and Coats, Fleeces, Soft Shell Jackets, Waterproof Jackets are used for protecting workers from various work hazards. Jackets and coats constitute an important part of regular workwear used across farms, industries, manufacturing plants and laboratories.

  6. Overalls, Coveralls and Boiler Suits
    - 11 Suppliers 1,063 Products

    Overalls, coveralls and boilersuit are various terms used to refer to a single piece garment with full length sleeves and legs which is used all over the world as a form of protective clothing over normal clothes. These suits have been adapted to be used in special conditions as there are waterproof overalls, fire resistant, chemical resistant overalls available for use in various conditions.

  7. Personal Protective Equipment
    - 53 Suppliers 2,227 Products

    Personal protective equipment includes a wide variety of items normally used for protecting workers from various work hazards. Overalls, boiler suits, high visibility clothing and accessories are typically the most widely visible items which fall under the category of personal protective equipment.

  8. Specialised Workwear
    - 1 Supplier 7 Products

    Specialised workwear normally refers to a piece of workwear which has been designed to be used in a specific industry or offer protection from special substances and situations. Flame retardant suits, waterproof jackets and chemical suits are a good example of specialised workwear as these items are intended to be used in specific situations.

  9. Trousers and Shorts
    - 6 Suppliers 2,073 Products

    Trousers and shorts are the omnipresent pieces of workwear which are used by every single worker in all sort of workplaces, industries, farms etc. Trousers and shorts are available in multiple colours and are vastly different fabrics, both natural and synthetic such as cotton, polyester, PVC, polypropylene are used for trousers and shorts.

  10. Weather Protection
    - 0 Suppliers 0 Products

    Rain, wind and snow - if you work outdoors, you are subject to all of nature's elements and you will appreciate wet weather clothing which is practical, water resistant and windproof, and which keep you warm. Products like the ones listed on here are designed to provide the best possible protection for anyone working outdoors in wet and windy weather.

  11. Work Shirts
    - 7 Suppliers 1,500 Products

    Work shirts are arguably one of the most widely used piece of clothing which are essential for most workers. Work shirts are available in hundreds of colours and shades and differ greatly from other pieces of work wear. Work shirts include office shirts, t-shirts, polo shirts, hooded sweatshirts, sweatshirts etc.

  12. Work Shoes and Boots
    - 7 Suppliers 3,872 Products

    Work shoes and boots are used at all sort of workplaces and offices and are necessary for protecting human feet, legs and ankles from injuries and workplace hazards. Office shoes, ESD safety shoes, hiking boots, safety bots, wellington boots etc. are a few examples of work shoes and boots.

  13. Workwear Accessories
    - 12 Suppliers 670 Products

    Workwear accessories refers to belts, work bags, tool bags, tool boxes, footwear and other similar small ticket items used in addition with personal protective equipment which ensures the safety of workers. Many types of protective equipment can be only used along with these workwear accessories and these are often sold separately.