Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment refers to a wide variety of items which are used for protecting workers from common industrial hazards. Personal protective equipment includes clothing, glasses, helmets, respirators and other wearable items used commonly for protecting against physical, chemical, electrical, heat and other workplace hazards faced by workers. Personal protective equipment comprises a large set of items and is mainly designed to resist water, chemicals, electric shocks, flames, cuts, impacts etc. Work overalls and Hi Vis clothing are the most noticeable of personal protective equipment as they are used in most of the industries. Most workers who must work in injurious or hazardous to health conditions are required to wear personal protective equipment by regulations and laws across the world.

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  1. Eye & Face Protection
    - 26 Suppliers 846 Products

    Eye and face protection equipment is an essential part of personal protection gear and refers to any sort of goggles, safety spectacles, visors, face screens or face shields which are used for protecting eyes and face from dust, vapour, radiation, heat, chemicals, molten metal splashes.

  2. Fall Arrest
    - 2 Suppliers 90 Products

    Fall arrest equipment plays an important role in worker safety for those who need to work at heights. Fall arrest equipment primarily consists of anchor loops, restraint positioning lanyard, energy absorbing lanyard, scaffold hook, screw gate karabiner, fall arrest kit, fall arrest harness etc. most of these items are used together with each other and fall arrest and harness kits usually include all the items required for fall arrest protection.

  3. Head and Neck Protection
    - 10 Suppliers 312 Products

    Head and Neck protection equipment is designed to protect a user from falling objects, bumping head against metal or machinery, chemical splashes and acts as a protection against extremely high or cold temperatures. Helmets, work caps, bump caps, bump hats and flame retardant balaclavas are few examples of head and neck protection equipment.

  4. Hearing Protection
    - 8 Suppliers 385 Products

    Hearing protection devices such as ear plugs, ear protectors, ear defenders, reusable corded ear plugs, foam ear plugs etc. are designed to protect human ear from high and low pitch sounds which are often generated during most manufacturing and industrial processes.

  5. Respiratory Protection
    - 14 Suppliers 173 Products

    It’s almost impossible to work in a chemical, oil and gas or related industry without wearing some sort of respiratory protection equipment as these industries are notorious for presence of toxic and non-toxic gases injurious to health. Respirators and masks play an important role in protecting workers from gas poisoning.

  6. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.