Training Services

Training services are available through third party companies, whereby, businesses and employees can purchase training as a commodity. In this case, a training company (often a consultancy or management company) can educate employees on different skills within relevant sectors. It is important that companies continually stay on top of their staff’s training, not just for development but also to comply with certain legislations (particularly in the case of health and safety) Types of training services include education, traineeships, apprenticeships, employment, and management. These can include construction training, finance and accountancy training, first aid training, health and safety training, human resources training, information technology training, leadership and management training, transport and logistics training, sales and marketing training and specialist industrial training. Training services are available for lots of sectors including medical, warehousing and distribution, charities and community, manufacturing, hospitality, education, catering and sports and leisure.

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  1. Construction Training
    - 0 Suppliers 2 Services

    Construction training is for those in the construction industry or for those looking to enter the industry. The training provides a platform to grow skills and get a formal education and qualification like an NVQ and diploma. Construction training includes bricklaying, wallpapering, tiling, spraying, decorating, carpentry and joinery, painting and plumbing courses.

  2. Finance and Accountancy Training
    - 0 Suppliers 1 Service

    Finance and accountancy training is for both finance professionals and novices. A range of training and courses can provide professionals with new skills and can give novices a greater insight and understanding of financial operations.

  3. First Aid Training
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    First aid training is available to companies and individuals looking to gain training in what to do in emergency situations. Training is usually modular and consists of modular courses at various levels, including emergency first aid at work, paediatric first aid, and infant first aid.

  4. Health and Safety Training
    - 0 Suppliers 8 Services

    Health and safety training is a service, whereby employees are giving training (usually in the form of courses) on how to stay safe in the workplace. Common courses include NEBOSH (National Examination Board of Occupational Safety and Health), IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health), Fire marshal training, Risk assessment courses, Moving and handling courses, Occupational health courses, and First Aid training.

  5. Human Resources Training
    - 0 Suppliers 3 Services

    Human resources training is for those who are in the field of HR in any type of organisation, or for those looking to get into the HR industry. Types of training include human capital management training, advanced HR management, Advanced Strategic HR Management, Advanced Strategic HR Management, Certificate in Advanced Compensation and Benefits, Certificate in Finance For Strategic HR and Certificate in Advanced Compensation and Benefits.

  6. Information Technology Training
    - 1 Supplier 6 Services

    Information technology training if available to those in the IT industry and those looking to enter the industry. Types of training include diplomas in web design, diplomas in technology management, diploma in multimedia development, introduction to cloud computing and introduction to WordPress.

  7. Leadership and Management Training
    - 0 Suppliers 2 Services

    Leadership and management training services and courses are for first time managers, team leaders, supervisors and executives in all industries, in big, small and medium sized companies. The training works to foster and grow leadership and management skills in all types of managers and would-be managers.

  8. Sales and Marketing Training
    - 0 Suppliers 3 Services

    Sales and marketing training is for those who are in the field of sales and marketing or for those hoping to gain entry. Some types of sales and marketing training services are recognised by official bodies like the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Institute of Sales Management.

  9. Specialist Industrial Training
    - 3 Suppliers 38 Services

    Specialist industrial training services are for those who work in niche industrial role and require industry specific training. The training usually comprises of courses, which are catered for those in (or interested in getting into) the field of transport, logistics, engineering, and manufacturing.

  10. Transport and Logistics Training
    - 2 Suppliers 59 Services

    Transport and logistic training services are for those currently in the transport and logistics industry and for this looking to get into it. It not only expands skills of employees and improves efficiency, in many job areas it’s actually a legal requirement.

  11. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.