Business and Professional Services

Business and Professional services include a vast range of occupations which provide support to businesses of all sizes and in all sectors. Common business and professional service include accountancy advice or business advice. This includes things like providing tax advice, supporting a company with accounting or providing business advice. Occupations which fall under the titles business and professional services include architects, auditors, engineers, doctors, and lawyers. The services offered under the business and professional services umbrellas is considered important to the economy because it also productivity and growth across the economy. Consumers of business and personal services include businesses on small scales, as they grow, as well as bigger scales where they may hire an expert as a “consultant”. Business and professional services are also provided by your doctor, nurse, and dentist (to name a few).

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  1. Banking Services
    - 0 Suppliers 21 Services

    Financial services are available to both companies and individuals via your bank, building society, insurance company, accountancy company or credit union (to name a few). If you own a bank account, you make use of financial service every single day. Other financial services include a chequebook, ATM, overdraft and internet banking.

  2. Business Consulting
    - 6 Suppliers 210 Services

    A business consultant is an individual (who might serve as part of a department or firm) who has specific areas of expertise and can provide advice on a particular field. A business consultant can serve internally, already in-house and part of an organisation, or can be brought in externally.

  3. Corporate Services
    - 3 Suppliers 7 Services

    Corporate services is the name given to define the value proposition of a company and its offering to customers, other businesses and internal staff. Common corporate services include Business Advisory Service, Company Incorporation, Registered Agent, Finance and Banking, Accounting and Tax Services, and Investment and Stock Exchange advice.

  4. Financial Management
    - 2 Suppliers 82 Services

    Financial management is the management of funds to meet company financial objectives. Usually, financial management is considered a senior function and handled by management or out-sourced to a management consultant, firm or agency. The scope of financial management includes estimating the requirement of funds, determining the capital structure, and investment fund.

  5. Industrial Design
    - 41 Suppliers 576 Services

    Industrial design is a front end process of mass production, whereby the product is shaped and features are envisioned without thought to the technical specifications. Industrial design is primarily conceptual and is followed up with a production process that is mainly automated and repetitive.

  6. Insurance Services
    - 2 Suppliers 111 Services

    Adequate insurance is a legal requirement of any business that employs staff or deals with the public. The list of available insurances includes everyday insurances such as buildings, contents and vehicle along with more specialised insurance such as professional indemnity, public liability and employers liability. It's essential that businesses in all sectors of industry have adequate insurance.

  7. IT Services
    - 8 Suppliers 280 Services

    IT services refers to the offering of information technology (IT) as a service to companies or individuals. The service provider can already be in-house, an employee in the IT department, or can be external in the form of a consultant or management firm. IT services are for fulfilling your business’ every IT need.

  8. Legal Services
    - 1 Supplier 1 Service

    Legal Services incorporates all the work performed by solicitors, barristers, licensed conveyancers, cost lawyers, legal executives, notaries, patent attorneys, trade mark attorneys, law firms and companies providing legal services, such as some accountants. In each case, the services can be for individuals (like when buying or selling a house) or corporate companies.

  9. Marketing and Public Relations
    - 22 Suppliers 3,360 Services

    Marketing and PR are slightly different methods of bolster a company’s revenue or image. Both Marketing and PR are undertaken by businesses, government agencies, non-profit organisations to communicate messages with a social purpose or to market, sell and confirmation customers about goods or services.

  10. Property Services
    - 0 Suppliers 9 Services

    If you need somewhere to live, a property services company will ensure you find the right property to rent or buy. Similarly, if you have property to sell they will assist in the sale. If you have properties to rent, a property services company, or Estate Agency, will manage the property on your behalf.

  11. Training Services
    - 12 Suppliers 117 Services

    Training services are essential for business and staff development but, in some industries, continuous training is also a legal requirement. Training services are available form consultants, consultancy agencies and management companies and include construction training, finance and accountancy training, first aid training, health and safety training, human resources training, information technology training, leadership and management training, transport and logistics training, sales and marketing training and specialist industrial training.

  12. Vehicle hire, lease and purchase
    - 3 Suppliers 5,271 Services

    Being able to travel to work, school and to the local supermarket is very important part in everyday life. Therefore, more than one option is available for different customers requirements such as vehicle lease, hire and purchase as it is important for people to be able to afford a car to get from A - B.