Automotive Engineering Services

Automotive engineering services includes all applications in the design, manufacture and operations of automobiles, commercial vehicles, buses, coaches, military vehicles, utility vehicles, motorcycles and trucks. They are services usually offered by consultants and management companies who have specialised knowledge in the automotive sector. Automotive engineering services include aerospace engineering, marine engineering, vehicle engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronic engineering, software engineering, safety engineering, design engineering, Automotive engineering services are frequently used by automotive companies as well as in the field of construction, green energy, and agriculture. They are offered by specialist automotive engineering companies and consultants.

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  1. Decal Application
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    A vehicle decal is a transfer that has a pattern or image printed on it that can be applied to the body of a car, or the window of the car. They are generally used to promote businesses, by providing brand name and contact details but some decals are just for decoration and fun. Decal application is the process of having a decal applied in a professional manner for a smooth and long lasting finish that cannot be replicated at home.

  2. Motor Vehicle Assembly
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    Motor vehicle assembly is the assembly of cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, and motorbikes from ready manufactured parts. The process generally happens in a location known as assembly plant and happens on an assembly line. During motor vehicle assembly, the manufacturing process are added to as the vehicle moves from workstation to workstation and parts are added in a sequence until the vehicle reaches a finished assemble.

  3. Panel Beating
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    Panel beating is the process of repairing the body of a vehicle back to its original state after it has been damaged. The process is usually done by a professional known as a panel beater who can work on cars, boats, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, military vehicles, trucks and buses.

  4. Roadside Assistance and Recovery
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    Roadside assistance and recovery is a service offered to vehicle owners in the event of a breakdown or accident. The service usually works through membership, where the member is given a number to call in case of emergency and a service truck is despatched to assist. The recovery vehicle will attempt to repair the vehicle immediately or recover it by towing it to the nearest available garage.

  5. Upholstery Services
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    Upholstery services is the field of working with furniture, particularly seas, springs, padding, and webbing to repair, recover or restore. Upholstery services are offered by professionals in upholstery, usually called upholsterers, and are used by a wide range of industries including in shops, cinemas, pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants.

  6. Valet Services
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    Valet services is a service offered by some establishments which can include parking (where the customer’s vehicle is parked for them) but can also include a full-service package, where by the vehicle is washed and cleaned. Valet services are offered to vehicle owners as well as commercial industries like lease or hire car companies, taxi services and automotive companies.

  7. Vehicle Repairs
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    Vehicle repairs includes a range of services available for cars, boats, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, military vehicles, trucks and buses. Such repairs include services, clutch repair, cambelt replacement, diagnostic check, exhaust fitting, suspension repair, steering repair, headlamp alignment, bulb replacement, O2 and sensor cleaning.

  8. Vehicle Signwriting
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    Vehicle signwriting is an application whereby the vehicle is used as an advertisement thanks to signwriting materials, generally known as wraps. Wraps provide a way to individualise a vehicle whilst promoting a message or business. tinting, fleet graphics, boat graphics, airbrush stencils, bumper stickers, gloss wrap, matt wrap, pearl wrap, metallic, tape, wrap, and pin striping,

  9. Vehicle Spraying
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    Vehicle spraying is a painting technique that uses a device to spray a type of coating on to a vehicle. It is most commonly done by employing gas which is compressed to direct and atomize paint particles for a smooth paint finish on cars, boats, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, military vehicles, trucks and buses.

  10. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.