Engineering Services

Engineering services cover a broad spectrum of services and can be defined as any service that requires an engineering qualification in order to perform it adequately and to a high standard. This can include planning and design of structures, objects, equipment or buildings along with the consultation and investigation stages of any engineering project. Fields of engineering include structural or construction, civil, oil and gas, nuclear, chemical, automotive and many more. Engineering services are essential to design, manufacturing, construction, energy, repair, servicing, maintenance and many other industrial applications.

  1. Civil Engineering Services
    - 146 Suppliers 1,847 Services

    Civil Engineering is the application of planning and constructing new builds as well as improving existing structures and protecting the public and environmental health. There was no clear difference between civil engineers and architects and civil engineering was only recognised as its own profession in the mid 1700’s.

  2. Electrical Engineering Services
    - 122 Suppliers 1,674 Services

    Electrical engineering services are essential in the progress of electrical devices and components. These services are involved in the initial design of electrical systems/devices as well as the construction of them. Electrical engineering is also heavily involved in the testing of these electrical items to ensure they function properly and safely. Electrical engineering is continually developing with new ideas and projects being created and tested frequently.

  3. Mechanical Engineering Services
    - 237 Suppliers 5,758 Services

    Mechanical engineers continuously strive to produce safer, cheaper more efficient machines and systems. There are many different areas that mechanical engineering is involved in, for example, micro electro-mechanical systems (gears, springs, heat transfer devices), composites but each area deals with the same basic ideals and that is to design, produce and operate safe machinery.

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