Product Testing

For end users of any type to be satisfied with a product, it must adhere to certain standards. Product testing is the process used to determine whether this is the case by measuring a product’s performance, safety, quality and compliance with any relevant established standards. It may also be known as consumer testing or comparative testing. There are many different facets to product testing. A few pertinent in industry follow. Product testing establishes or verifies that the requirements laid down in any contract, specification or regulation are met. It can demonstrate proof of concept, or that development of a new product is progressing as expected. It offers internal and external stakeholders quality assurance; or demonstrates suitability for end use. It can also be used to take remedial action, such as when a product or process failure has arisen; or preventative action to avoid future failure. Finally, formal testing of products can be instrumental in making cost savings. An important consideration is the independence of the process from the manufacturer or supplier. This gives credibility to the process and is why many companies outsource product testing to independent experts.

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  1. Product Compliance Testing
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    Product compliance testing can be commissioned to ensure that a manufacturer’s product adheres to the relevant standards and legislation of the jurisdictions in which it will be sold, used or otherwise applied. Independent product compliance testing can help companies ensure compliance.

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