Scientific and Technical Services

Scientific and technical services encompass various knowledge industries that increase value across other industries through advanced problem-solving techniques. The main resource of these services, usually supplied on a consultancy basis, is human capital. Those working in scientific and technical services have a high degree of education and training. Over 10% of the UK’s non-financial business economy workforce is employed in these activities; and they play a vital role in ensuring Britain’s economy stays ahead of the game in terms of technological and scientific developments. The activities involved are many and varied and focus on the design, development and use of machines, materials, structures and processes. Services include but are not limited to management, scientific and technical consulting, scientific research and development services for the architecture, engineering, automotive, aerospace, petroleum and technology industries. Such businesses might also provide specialised design services, computer systems design and related services; or advertising, public relations and related services. Organisations involved in this sector, whether businesses or universities that work with industry, typically offer specialist knowledge and skills to clients, either corporates or private individuals, on an ad hoc or ongoing basis. The field is characterised by high numbers of micro-enterprises employing fewer than 10 people.

  1. Calibration Services
    - 1 Supplier 4 Services

    Calibrations services are used by a wide range of industries to calibrate and diagnose equipment in factories and laboratories. Such services are widely used service in the field of Metrology and in Quality Control Departments to ensure that software and equipment is diagnosed and calibrated.

  2. Environmental Testing
    - 19 Suppliers 139 Services

    Some products and parts are exposed to extreme conditions when being used as intended. To ensure they retain their performance under even the heaviest stresses, environmental testing simulates these conditions so weaknesses can be identified and rectified before real-life application.

  3. Equipment Testing
    - 2 Suppliers 271 Services

  4. Food and Drink Testing
    - 3 Suppliers 8 Services

    Food and drink testing helps ensure that what we consume is free from harmful pathogens. Analysis is also carried out to authenticate ingredients and calculate nutritional values so that the public is not misinformed. Specialist UKAS accredited laboratories perform a range of tests for clients in the food and drink industry at every stage of the supply chain.

  5. Materials Testing
    - 33 Suppliers 405 Services

    Materials testing gives manufacturers and end users confidence that the materials used in design, manufacture and production are suitable for the uses for which they are intended and perform as anticipated under normal conditions for the duration of their expected lifespan. The process gives assurances at all stages of design, production and end use.

  6. Materials Testing of Metals
    - 8 Suppliers 25 Services

    Materials testing of metals helps industry make decisions about metals used in product design, manufacturing and production. Tests can be carried out for compliance with regulatory standards, product specifications or manufacturers’ requirements. They can predict performance and failure analysis, amongst other benefits.

  7. Mechanical and Physical Testing of Polymers
    - 12 Suppliers 133 Services

    Mechanical and physical testing of polymers helps ensure polymers used in the design, production and operation of products are fit for purpose and comply with industry specifications. Such testing is a key part of ongoing quality control and can help identify the causes of product failure through failure analysis.

  8. Product Testing
    - 15 Suppliers 41 Services

    Product testing measures a product or component part’s performance, safety, quality and compliance with any required standards. As well as giving assurances to the end user and other stakeholders, such testing can save businesses time and money by improving processes and products.

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