Hygiene Services

Hygiene services provide a fresh, clean and sanitary environment for everyone. It maintains health and reduces the risk of disease through inadequate and poor hygiene control. Hygiene services do not only relate to cleaning but also to personal cleanliness and professional care practices that are related to most everyday living situations. Hygiene services and practices prevent spreading disease and maintain good standards of health. Hygiene services can range from changing bed sheets in a hospital ward to emptying public bins, from mopping floors to sanitising washrooms. There are many hygiene services required by larger companies that are outsourced as they just do not have the time to maintain the high levels necessary for good sanitisation and hygiene, which are essential to prevent the risk of disease and ill health. Everyone uses a hygiene service every day, from the individual to the big company. Hygiene services can range from washing your hands using a soap dispenser to having your office or public area floors buffed. Larger organisations will outsource the various tasks required to trained professionals who will help maintain safe hygiene levels and ensure the environment is clean and sanitised to high standards, thus preventing contamination and spread of disease.

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  1. Sanitary Disposal
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    Sanitary disposal is required by law and helps provide a comfortable and discreet method of disposing sanitary waste for your female staff and visitors giving them peace of mind. Regular disposal also helps maintain a fresh and clean environment, reduces bacteria, and eliminates unwanted and unpleasant odours.

  2. Washroom Services
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    Washroom services provide a clean and fresh environment and keep the products within the washroom clean and in good working order. These specialised services reduce any potential health risks by eliminating bacteria and keeping the washroom sanitised and clean.

  3. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.