Support Services

Increasingly companies and organisations are outsourcing Support Services to professional service delivery experts, in order to improve efficiency and standardise processes to maintain high-quality services that support their business. Support services include Logistics and Transport, Office and Business, Project Management, Outdoor, Cleaning, Security, Catering and Buildings operations and maintenance. These services are designed to meet the highest standards in health and safety whilst also being tailored to individual business needs. Increasingly support services such as cleaning, catering and maintenance are being outsourced in public buildings such as hospitals, schools, colleges, universities and government buildings. Many smaller businesses are turning to support services as an alternative to employing staff when it’s more cost effective to outsource tasks.

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  1. Catering
    - 0 Suppliers 3 Services

    Catering is the service of providing food to a site. This service can be provided because the venue itself doesn’t have catering equipment, or because something more special is required. Catering can include mobile catering like food trucks, as well as the process of cooking in one premise and transporting the food to another.

  2. Cleaning
    - 5 Suppliers 47 Services

    Cleaning removes unwanted dirt and grime, or items, by using cleaning materials suitable for the area or by using a specialised product or service. Cleaning is carried out daily, at least once, and is done on a regular basis to ensure a fresh and dirt free environment. Removing items from a database or throwing out unwanted items is also a form of cleaning and does not involve any chemicals.

  3. Health, Safety and Environmental Services
    - 10 Suppliers 477 Services

    Health, Safety & Environmental Services provide a wide range of health and safety training within and around the workplace to ensure adequate health and safety levels for the individual while operating in the workplace each and every day reducing risk. Training is provided by fully qualified individuals and should be done for every employee.

  4. Hygiene Services
    - 1 Supplier 87 Services

    Hygiene services are provided by companies who specialise in maintaining high levels of cleanliness and ensuring proper sanitisation where and when required. These services continue daily, sometimes more than once, and help maintain a healthy clean living and working environment and ensure possible exposure to bacteria and the spread of disease is eliminated.

  5. Recruitment
    - 1 Supplier 3,256 Services

    Recruitment is a process to attract, select and employ the person most suited to the task required. The process can be achieved internally or externally dependent on the role and skills available and also how quickly the position needs to be filled. Internal recruitment has a quicker advantage, however, the necessary skills may not be available, whereas external recruitment has a more diverse attraction however, the time taken can be considerably longer.

  6. Security Services
    - 7 Suppliers 76 Services

    Security Services offer a service to help protect people who may be vulnerable and property that may be at risk of threat or damage. These security services are varied and the service used and most suitable will depend on what needs to be protected and made secure.