Storage and Fulfilment Services

Storage and Fulfilment is the safe and secure storage of goods ready to deliver to the customer in a reasonable time by the appropriate methods. A proper inventory of the goods being stored is maintained and times of delivery and drop-offs are recorded. There are a few different storage types. Bin storage is suited more to retail outlets or spare parts and or accessories. These bins are low level as the turn-a-round on the goods is quite quick and easy access is required. Freestanding shelving is another option and this is ideal for e-fulfilment or secure document storage. Freestanding shelving normally has an element of racked storage, with everything being clearly labelled for ease. Bulk storage is the perfect storage option for slow moving goods that are not determined by stock rotation. The storage area can be fully utilised, as the goods can be stacked. Storage and Fulfilment is ideal for businesses that are just starting to trade and who are looking for cost effective storage and distribution options with flexibility to suit their business demands. Customers who trade on-line will benefit from this service as their goods can be stored, picked, packed and distributed once the order has been completed.

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  1. Contract Warehousing
    - 4 Suppliers 15 Services

    Contract warehousing normally requires the customer to sign a contract for a period of years to store their goods in a safe and secure warehouse. Contract warehousing will deal with the storage, shipping and receiving of goods on behalf of the customer.

  2. Direct Marketing and Mail Fulfilment
    - 3 Suppliers 50 Services

    Direct Marketing and Mail Fulfilment is the direct approach of marketing a good or service to the public by mail. Organisations offering this service will provide all necessary stationery and proofing of the material to be distributed and will control the envelope stuffing and safe distribution once complete. This type of marketing will reach customers old and new.

  3. Inventory Planning and Management
    - 1 Supplier 1 Service

    Inventory Planning and Management is an effective way to control on site stock and manage cash flow. The management of stock will allow an organisation to see how much stock they should have on site and for how long and it can be run alongside sales and production to achieve optimum results.

  4. Pick, Pack and Despatch Services
    - 10 Suppliers 49 Services

    Pick, Pack and Despatch services allow goods to be expertly picked and packed and despatched to the customer. These goods are clearly labelled and despatched in a timely manner. Using this type of service will free up valuable time for the company to focus on generating new customers and it can eliminate storage issues and warehouse costs.

  5. Returns Management
    - 4 Suppliers 7 Services

    Returns Management is the effective control of returns coming back into your organisation and dealing with them appropriately in a timely fashion to reduce associated costs, for example, warehousing costs, replacement costs, additional shipping charges.

  6. Other
    - 0 Suppliers 152 Services

    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.