Transportation and Logistics

Transportation and Logistics are the processes of implementing procedures for the transport and storage pf goods from the point of manufacture or origin to the point of sale or consumption. This includes inbound and outbound transportation and the range of transportation options includes heavy goods vehicles, rail, container-shipping and air freight. Transport and Logistics Services cover every aspect of transport for business. Including packaging where applicable, documentation and insurance, storage, loading and unloading of trucks, vehicles or containers, freight damage claims and ensuring Importing and Exporting Regulations are met. Transportation is a key consideration in many areas of industry, including any business that manufactures a product or is involved in distribution.

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  1. Freight Forwarding
    - 65 Suppliers 8,979 Services

    Freight forwarding is the perfect solution for businesses that trade within their own country or overseas, as the freight forwarding company will deal with all the necessary documentation required and, if overseas, deal with customs clearance. It is also ideal for individuals who are looking to move personal items from one place to another.

  2. Storage and Fulfilment Services
    - 22 Suppliers 807 Services

    Storage and Fulfilment is a means of securely storing goods and delivering them to the customer when required. This service can work locally or internationally with safe and secure storage of the goods and accurate records of dimensions and delivery times recorded.