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Looking for acrylic displays, shop fittings, acrylic display stands, perspex displays, window displays, slatwall panels, brochure holders or business card holders; in fact anything to do with point of sale; pos in retail display? We have everything for window display, for jewellery display, for slatwall panels, or even a display case; just about every bit of display equipment for shop display or point of purchase display that your company could want. All your shop fittings & display point of sale stands & slatwall panels easily obtainable here!

Lifts Steps & Blocks

Displays that are useful POS and earn you money? Where can you get point of sale that does this - here! Whether you put your display risers and display cubes in your display case, display cabinet or simply use your acrylic displays as general shop fittings you'll have the best point of purchase retail display that money can buy and earn from it as it increases your sales.

  • Lifts & Risers
  • Steps
  • Blocks & Shapes
  • Cake Stands
  • Shelf Stands
  • Bespoke stands
  • Cubes Risers & Bridges
  • Sidelong Risers
  • Mini Platforms
  • Large Platforms & Tables
  • Circular Risers
Lifts Steps & Blocks

Groovewall - the Lightweight Versatile Slatwall Panel

At last, here's the display product that's on every retailers wish list. Point of sale display that makes the most of your retail space. Shopfittings that use your wall space cost effectively as well as effectively. POS that's easy to combine with any existing point of purchase displays. Add acrylic display stands and create your own merchandising style. GROOVEWALL slatwall panels ; slatwall panels in a user friendly size that everyone can use! 

New to exhibiting at Trade Fairs? Got a small stand and you want to make it like the Tardis? Have a little DIY knowledge but couldn't build an opera set? Well, here's a product that will tick all the boxes for you.
3D Displays will supply you a GROOVEWALL solution to make your life easier - and who wouldn't welcome stand building and dressing made easier?


  • Groovewall Panels
  • Exhibition System
  • Groovewall A-frame
  • Free Standing Groovewall Panel
  • Screws & Fixings
Groovewall - the Lightweight Versatile Slatwall Panel

Acrylic / Perspex Pricing & Sign Holders

It's amazing isn't it- everywhere you; look there are point of sale signs, but where to get them? Here. Here, we have got the most comprehensive displays for point of sale, including for slatwall. We've got retail display covered, sign holders, point of purchase display for menu holders, price tag holders, PVC and acrylic sign holders, shop fittings for hanging signs, acrylic displays for pricing systems and even cable display systems. If this isn't a sign to you then we don't know what is!

  • Angled sign holders
  • Upright showcard holders
  • Pricing systems
  • Clip on sign holders
  • Slatwall sign holders
Acrylic / Perspex Pricing & Sign Holders

Glass Skulls

3D Displays are excited to announce the arrival of a stunning addition to their range. The glass head is one of our most successful products and is now complemented by a range of stylish skulls, clear and coloured. Made from recycled glass they are available in a vibrant range of colours - Black, Bronze, Clear, Gold, Red, Silver & White. Ideal as a quirky addition to a range of retail environments.

Glass Skulls

Acrylic / Perspex Jewellery Displays & Stands

When you're searching for jewellery displays, it sometimes hard to find that special bit of pos that's just that bit different. Here we've got point of sale that's your answer to good retail display. We've got point of purchase display for slatwall, acrylic displays for earring displays, necklace displays, body jewellery display. Shop fittings for watch displays, ring displays and bracelet displays. All that you'd expect - and more.

Acrylic / Perspex Jewellery Displays & Stands

Greetings Card, Gift Tag & Gift Wrap Displays

Retail display doesn't get any better than this! You'll find everything you need for displays that sell. Point of sale that covers all your greeting card displays - slatwall, wall fixing and free standing POS. Shop Fittings (shopfittings) that include card displays, greeting card display racks, acrylic display stands and those neat little gift card displays.


Greetings Card, Gift Tag & Gift Wrap Displays

Brochure / Leaflet Holders & Business Card Holders

Business card holders are tricky things to locate; but we've got not only acrylic business card holders but the best range of acrylic displays, POS - including slatwall point of sale for retail display; anywhere! Our point of purchase display covers brochure displays (great for point of purchase information), plastic brochure holders, acrylic brochure holders and leaflet holders. Our shop fittings - available from stock, don't forget! - also include desk business card holders, wall fixing leaflet holders, slatwall brochure holders and outdoor brochure holders. You won't find a better choice of retail display!

  • Counter standing leaflet holders
  • Business card holders
  • Magazine displays
  • Floor standing leaflet holders
  • Wall fixing brochure holders
  • Slatwall leaflet holders
Brochure / Leaflet Holders & Business Card Holders

Discount acrylic displays

We at 3D Displays have been manufacturing and supplying acrylic displays for longer than some of us care to remember but one thing we've always done is provided everything to make great retail display. We constantly review and update our range which sometimes results in items being offered for sale at discounted prices. Check out our excellent value sale items at discount prices, but hurry as it is limited availability!

Discount acrylic displays

Acrylic / Perspex Shoe Displays & Stands

Shop fittings for shoe display are here; we've got displays that solve your shoe shelf problems. Point of sale; POS, acrylic displays stands that include slatwall everything that acrylic footwear display could possibly need for retail display.

Acrylic / Perspex Shoe Displays & Stands

Acrylic / Perspex Solid Blocks & Shapes

Your point of sale retail display mirrors your views of your merchandise. If your jewellery display looks good then you'll sell the jewellery. We've got point of purchase display, mirror display - pretty pools of mirror and beautiful acrylic display blocks; proving shop fittings don't have to be just functional.

  • Acrylic blocks
  • Mirror pools
  • Acrylic mirrors
  • Acrylic slabs
  • Acrylic stars
  • Printed acrylic
  • Acrylic semi circles
  • Bespoke mirror shapes
  • Mirror shapes
  • Mirror letters
Acrylic / Perspex Solid Blocks & Shapes

Acrylic / Perspex Display Cube Stacks

Window displays are vital to your image and point of sale promotions. These display cube kits cover all your POS dreams. They're great as window display; they don't obstruct the view into your shop interior and also superb as free standing point of purchase display inside. These come in two sized panels and umpteen variations on configurations - you can have standard or make up your own. Oh, and there's lockable display case types as well! There's space on here for all sorts of acrylic displays, props and display stands - outstanding retail display and they are lighter than glass cubes.

  • Lockable cube display
  • Open cube display
  • Adjustable shelf display
  • Bespoke cube display
Acrylic / Perspex Display Cube Stacks

Hooks, Prongs, Euro Hooks & Merchandisers

Retail display needs even the boring stuff ; hooks, not the most appealing of display products but if you're using slatwall display as part of your point of sale then you'll definitely be able to use slatwall hooks. Everywhere! We have metal prongs and euro hooks, polycarbonate extra tough prongs and hooks, all making great pos, for great retailers.

Hooks, Prongs, Euro Hooks & Merchandisers

Acrylic / Perspex Display Cases / Showcases

Displays which include display cases are bound to succeed when it comes to pos. Our point of sale or point of purchase display as it sometimes known is all you need for great retail display. We've got acrylic display cases (and the acrylic display stands to go in them) for slatwall and counter, shop fittings that screw to a wall or counter for security, watch display cases, jewellery display cases; in fact all types of retail display cases. Your search ends here!

Acrylic / Perspex Display Cases / Showcases

Acrylic / Perspex Display Supports & PropsAcrylic / Perspex Display Supports & Props

Display props are necessary - if you want to make the most of retail display. Your point of sale displays need acrylic displays that include book displays, display easels, plate stands, plate displays, china displays, handbag displays, mobile phone displays, pen display and so on. If you want to make sales then you need pos - in fact what are you waiting for - you need to be browsing this section of point of purchase display!

  • General purpose displays
  • Acrylic supports
  • Pen stands
  • Leatherware displays
  • Book displays
  • Acrylic china displays
  • Mobile phone displays
  • I-pod displays
  • Acrylic lecturns
  • Acrylic pen displays
Acrylic / Perspex Display Supports & PropsAcrylic / Perspex Display Supports & Props

Acrylic / Perspex Display Containers & Trays

It's hard to contain our enthusiasm for this product range; displays don't get any more useful than this. Our POS; point of sale, has a multitude of uses - even on slatwall ! Acrylic displays for retail display include brilliant point of purchase plastic tubs, pen displays, plastic storage tubs, display bins, bookmark displays, divided trays and tiered trays. All in all point of purchase display that makes shop fittings easier.

  • Acrylic tubs
  • Circular tubs
  • Acrylic trays
  • CD holders
  • Divided trays
  • Slatwall trays
  • Tiered trays
  • Revolving merchandisers
  • Bookmark trays
  • Dump bins
  • Acrylic bins
  • DVD displays
  • Magazine shelves
Acrylic / Perspex Display Containers & Trays

Optical & Glasses Displays & Stands

Optical displays and sunglass displays; acrylic displays and point of sale shop fittings that anyone in the business of selling glasses, spectacles & sunglasses needs. Great functional, attractive pos retail display - including displays for slatwall.

Optical & Glasses Displays & Stands

Acrylic / Perspex Fashion Displays & Stands

Displays for fashion accessories can be difficult but not any more! Look here for pos, (point of sale, point of purchase display; what ever you want to call it) for slatwall and any other acrylic displays for retail display. Here you'll find shop fittings for hat stands, glass heads, mirror display, t shirt display, hand display, key ring display, tiara display - need we go on?

  • Acrylic blouse display
  • Tiara stand
  • Acrylic heads
  • Slatwall mirrors
  • Headband displays
  • Glass heads
  • Keyring display
  • Acrylic hands
  • Badge displays
  • Acrylic hat stands
  • Counter mirrors
  • T shirt display
Acrylic / Perspex Fashion Displays & Stands

Wall & Slatwall Acrylic / Perspex Shelves & Brackets

Wall fixing shelves, slatwall shelves, shelf brackets; no self respecting retailer can have enough for retail display. POS just doesn't work effectively 'till it's all over the shop! your point of sale needs to be window display, counter display and wall display. We have an acrylic display shelf for every type of merchandise display, yes - even in your windows!.

Wall & Slatwall Acrylic / Perspex Shelves & Brackets
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