3DScantech Ltd


What 3dscantech offers is a SOLUTION to your everyday inspection/quality and scanning needs. Because we are PORTABLE we can come to you and measure or scan without your parts leaving your factory. We can offer a REDUCTION in DOWNTIME.

The inspection/quality department is one of the last operations that need to be done before the parts can move onto the next operation or leave the factory, because the paperwork side of quality is one of the main reasons for DOWNTIME, We can measure while you concentrate on the paperwork side of things. The paperwork is growing at a remarkable speed with all kinds of PPAPS, FMEA’S, F.A.I.R’s ECT... that can cause late deliveries of your parts. Late delivery times can become quite costly and could give your company a bad name, and also have marks taken away from your company the next time you are audited, if you are late with deliveries then you could be late in your company being paid.

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