A and D Webb Metal Polishing Specialists

Established in 1968, A & D Webb Metal Polishers has been providing high specification polishing to the medical and food industries for over 40 years. 

Reputation for quality 

You can find polishing companies everywhere, finding a really good one isn't easy. Many of our customers have come from polishing firms that have failed to meet expectations. 

We listen to customers specific requirements, providing outstanding quality, meeting targets and timely delivery.

Range of processes:

  • Basic grinding, 
  • Belt finishing, 
  • Spindle mopping, 
  • High precision mirror finishing to tight tolerances & low Ra readings. 
  • Facilities for bead blasting, centreless automatic banding & polishing on rods, seamless or welded tubes from 8mm to 150mm O/D any length. 
  • Flat bed line grainer for sheets up to 450mm wide and flat bar up to 5m length. 

Fabrication work of any size can be undertaken to British Standard 1449 Part 2 either in your factory or ours.

Metal Finishes Available: 

Unit 3 Standard Works Orchard Place Stonehouse GL10 2PL United Kingdom