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At A2E Environmental Solutions Ltd, we have been established in the UK for more than three years. We source and import exceptional-quality products and equipment from Asia, China & Europe.

Filtration Equipment

If you’re looking to acquire exceptional-quality filtration equipment, the specialists at A2E Environmental Solutions Ltd will provide you with a comprehensive, exemplary service. We offer a variety of filtration equipment options, including:

  • Paper Band Filtration Systems
  • MagnaDrum Filtration Systems
  • Rotary Drum Filtration Systems

Swarf processing

For all your swarf processing requirements, at A2E Environmental Solutions Ltd, we offer exceptional options. Our Swarf Briquetter Systems are heavy duty, from simple and robust construction, and capable of high capacity throughput. The Swarf Briquetter Systems are suitable for aluminium, steel and cast iron.

Tramp Oil Separators

At A2E Environmental Solutions Ltd, within our filtration equipment range, we offer exceptional tramp oil separators. Our industrial leak/tramp oil separators feature a simple Weir & Tilted Plate style and are capable of handling tank sizes from 100 litres to 10,000 litres.

Rotary Drum Clarifier

At A2E Environmental Solutions Ltd, within our coolant filters range, we offer high-quality rotary drum clarifiers. The rotary drum clarifiers systems are built using the finest materials and techniques, and provide unrivalled performance.

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