Absolute Electronics Ltd

Absolute Electronics Ltd deal in global component sourcing and the supply of products across the world.

With particular experience in the export, import and distribution of electrical and electronic components, Absolute Electronics have affiliated manufacturing sites across the world in India, South East Asia, Eastern Europe and South America.

For global component sourcing there is no other company with more experience and quality than Absolute Electronics Ltd.

Sub Contract Assembly

For quality and assurance in PCB sub contract assembly, look no further than Absolute Electronics Ltd.

As a low and high volume sub contractor and from the company's expansion in the 1990's, Absolute can offer customers the lowest rates in sub contract assembly and many other processes and products such as:

  • Printed circuit board assembly
  • Cable assemblies
  • Casting
  • Injection moulding
  • Sub-assemblies and tests
Sub Contract Assembly

Obsolete Component Sourcing

Absolute Electronics Ltd distribute, import and export a range of products and they are specialists in obsolete component sourcing.

Absolute's distribution capabilities stretch as far as imports from the EU and North America and their obsolete component sourcing is world renowned.

Through Absolute Electronics' extensive global network, they can provide customers with the exclusive choice of procuring from overseas or from a UK manufactured origin.

Obsolete Component Sourcing

Absolute Electronics Ltd Overview