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Accel Power Supplies Ltd designs and manufactures HIGH VOLTAGE POWER SYSTEMS that play a crucial role in scientific and analytical applications. Specialising in power solutions accurately built to customer specification, we aim at all times to meet the most stringent criteria for performance and reliability.

Custom Design

With outstanding expertise in the scientific and analytical equipment field, Accel designs and manufactures high stability (better than 10ppm if required), high voltage power supply systems. Our solutions are designed to meet customer specifications in full, to operate at maximum efficiency and to accommodate any specification upgrades with relative ease.

The engineering team at Accel Power Supplies has over fourteen years specialist experience in producing Electron and Ion Beam power supplies as well as considerable previous experience in other relevant areas. We are constantly building on our reputation for design innovation and for excellent performance in relation to size and cost ratios.

We are also involved with designing and manufacturing high voltage power supplies for

  • Capacitor charging
  • Laser
  • Electrophoresis
  • X-ray and
  • Various electrostatic applications
Custom Design

Beam Product Supplies

Designed and manufactured to customer specification, Accel's multi-output high voltage power supplies are dedicated electron and ion beam supply systems and have full computer interfaces for complete integration into the customer's system.

Accel's solutions include Schottky field emission electron and ion beam power supply systems for scanning electron microscopes, E-beam, lithography and milling machines. Under full computer control, these systems are specified for up to 100kV, down to 1ppm ripple and include outputs for electrostatic lenses and optional outputs to drive secondary electron and/or channeltron applications.

Enclosures are generally 19" rack mounting, but we can also produce specialised packaging for specific customer requirements.

  • High stability (<10ppm), field emission electron and ion gun supply systems have six or more outputs plus computer interface
  • LaB6 and tungsten electron gun supply systems with computer interface
Beam Product Supplies

Other Products

Accel has a range of other systems to meet a variety of specialist power supply applications, including:

  • X-ray source power supplies with emission stabilisation and computer interface. This includes bespoke options to switch over polarity and configuration for multiple 100W to 2kW gun systems under computer control
  • Ion pump power supplies
  • Capacitor charging power supplies up to 4kW
  • Laser high voltage power supplies
  • Miniature stabilised pcb mounted modules and unregulated low-cost dc-dc converters, up to 30kV

Control options on all power supplies are designed to suit customer requirements and include:

  • Computer interface for remote control and monitoring for full integration into customer's system
  • Analogue programming for remote control and monitoring
  • Manual front panel controls and metering
Other Products

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