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Access and Security Solutions Ltd

With 15 years experience of design, manufacture & installation of the latest in perimeter access solutions in the UK. We are able to offer a complete security solution with a range of the quality products:

Our Automatic bollards and retractable bollards are taking the UK by storm with our AS range of hydraulic bollard installations. We can also provide solutions for our access control Companies by providing the AS automatic bollard range as a supply only product.

Our new shallow mounted road blockers are an ideal solution were services and depth of foundation are becoming an issue. This new product has be PAS tested to 40mph using a 7500Kg truck.

As a part of our commitment to providing the best solutions we are continuously updating our products and services to meet our customer individual requirements.

We are a UK based company installing automatic security bollards, manual retractable bollards, automatic sliding gates and road blockers to a wide range of clients.


Access & Security Solutions Ltd can provide, design, project management and installation, from a standard car park security system through to bespoke designed installations.

We provide three ranges of bollards: AS1000: AS2000 and our PAS 68/9 attack tested automatic bollard. This bollard can withstand an impact up to 50 mph using a 7500Kg vehicle.

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We supply a range of manual retractable bollards, static bollards and stainless steel bollards, including lift assisted retractable bollards.


Access and Security supply and install automatic barriers throughout the UK. We supply and install a number of Companies automatic barriers. The most important condition is that we use the correct barrier for the application that suits our customer exacting requirements. Access & Security has to take in to consideration quality and the reliability of each product and then create a cost effective solution for our customers.


Our counter arm balanced rising arm barriers are constructed from high quality steel and supplied with an Aluminum light weight boom. This barrier uses a Counter Balanced System to support the different lengths we supply.,

The barrier offers a cost effective solution for locations or situations where a fully automated barrier entry system is not a possibility or not cost effective.

The Counter Balanced Barrier ranges from three metres through to eight metres.

Red & white in colour as seen, bolts to the ground, locks in the upright and down position, and comes with catch post as standard.


At Access & Security, we manufacture sliding track, cantilever gates up to 12M long and single and double leaf automated gates up to 14M wide.

Using the Companies' 15 year civil and electrical installation experience within the automation industry, Access and Security can provide our customers with the correct product, quality installation and a service back up - second to none in the industry.

We provide a free site survey for all our products, and can then determine whether a sliding track or sliding cantilever is the best option. These two products offer a secure gated entrance. All our gates can work in conjunction with any existing access control system or we can provide a suitable system that meet our customer requirements.

Within Access and Security, we can complete the civil installation works and the electrical installation works in house. This can help with Project Management and keeping costs down. (i.e. Ducts in wrong place)


Access and Security can supply a range of industrial or residential manual swing, sliding or track gates. Most of the commercial gates we supply are bespoke to our customer requirements.

We can also supply and install palisade or mesh gates to order. (Normally 14 days from order)

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