Access Controlled Solutions Ltd

Access Controlled Solutions Ltd (ACS) is a company dedicated to supplying high quality Door Entry and Building Access Control Systems, with equipment ranging from Simple card swipe systems through to high tech Biometric systems such as Fingerprint/Hand & Iris Recognition and CCTV systems over the Internet. Furthermore, ACS prides itself on offering a total security solution which includes a wide range of ID Cards and Printers, Ribbons, Badge Accessories & Cr80 size Plastic Cards (both intelligent and non intelligent).

ACS offer a wide range of IP addressable Door Access Control Systems. The systems are totally configurable to your needs; you choose the type of access hardware from Standard ID Card to Biometric Scanners. We offer door controllers that link to your companies network therefore eliminating the requirement to rewire your site.

For all of all of your Access Control Solutions, please visit our website.

Access Controlled Solutions Ltd Overview