AccuPulleys are specialists in providing a diverse range of precision, high performance pulley systems ideal for many industrial applications for the transfer of rotary motion. Our product range consists of various belts and pulleys of numerous lengths and sizes, excellent for various precise timing belts to heavy duty transmission systems. The standard range of precision pulley and belts we offer have a width range of 6mm to 50mm and support pitches of 2.5mm to 14mm, available in either aluminium or steel-reinforced polyurethane, besides other material variations.

At AccuPulleys, our team of engineers have many years of experience within the electro-mechanical sub-assembly market, allowing them to offer a range of technical advice and guidance from our state of the art echo buildings. We supply a huge range of mechatronic components worldwide, and aim to adopt an ecological approach to our production methods through adopting environmental ethics and paperless systems.

Precision Belts and Pulleys

At Accupulleys, we specialise in highly accurate, performance precision belts and pulleys, excellent for transferring rotary motion to a vast range of industrial applications. Our range of precision belts and pulleys provide smooth and flexible transferring of motion, convey better torque over much greater distances compared to traditional gear based systems. We have a vast assortment of belts and pulleys to choose from, available in a huge range of lengths and sizes to suit an abundance of industrial applications and mechanical purposes.

Our standard range includes:

  • Pitch 2.5mm -14mm
  • Teeth numbers 10 -192
  • Belt width 6mm – 50mm

Additional sizes and materials can be manufactured on request.

Our range of fully qualified and experienced design engineers have a wealth of expertise in the precision component industry, and are able to assist with accommodating your requirements for specific components for a specialist project.

Precision Belts and Pulleys

Precision Pulleys

At AccuPulleys, we specialise in offering a diverse range of high quality precision pulleys, commonly used across a range of industrial applications. Our precision pulleys come in a vast array of lengths, sizes and fixtures to accommodate a wide selection of mechanical purposes, accurately transferring rotary motion to other applications.

Our range of precision pulleys include:

  • T Type timing pulleys
  • L Type timing pulleys
  • AT Type timing pulleys
  • H Type timing pulleys
  • HTD Type heavy duty timing pulleys
  • Vee Pulleys
  • MXL timing pulleys
  • Taper locking bushes
  • XL timing pulleys

Our engineers have many years of experience in the electro-mechanical sub assembly market, so are able to offer guidance or technical advice where possible. If you require bespoke solutions please contact us so our engineers are able to accommodate your requirements.

Precision Pulleys

Precision Belts

Our vast range of precision belts are ideal for transferring accurate rotary motion between two parallel shafts, making them excellent for accommodating a range of support pitches of 2.5mm to 14mm, and widths from 6mm to 50mm for our standard belts, although we do offer additional variants. To ensure we meet your exact requirements we have a huge choice of lengths, sizes and materials types to ensure we are able to suit your needs.

Our range of precision belts include:

  • T Type timing belts
  • AT Type timing belts
  • L Type timing belts
  • H Type timing belts
  • HTD Type heavy duty timing belts
  • Vee type belts
  • MXL type timing belts
  • Flat belts
  • XL type timing belts

Should you have any particular requirements, our in-house design engineers are about to help with any manufacturing or design queries you may have, ensuring we meet your exact specifications. For more information on any of our precision belts please contact us.

Precision Belts

Taper Locking Bushes

We are a supplier of high quality steel taper locking brushes. Specifically designed to accommodate Accus taper locking pulley systems, creating a self-centralising solution in a range of sizes for the mounting of Accuss bore pulleys. Taper locking brushes are available in an array of sizes from 1008 to 5050, with a bore size of 10mm to 125mm and are available up to a width of 127mm.

All our taper locking brushes are manufactured from machined steel, compliant with industrial standards, ensuring you receive a robust and tactile product. If you can't find the right size or specification you require, please contact our technical engineering team to help find a solution to suit your requirements.

Taper Locking Bushes

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