Accura Technical Contract Services

Acccura is a niche support services provider to "blue chip" customers requiring the management of contracts for the timely supply of business critical components.This is achieved through its procurement network and by the utilisation of the Group's in-house manufacturing facilities for gun drilling, deep hole boring, cnc machining, cnc milling and grinding.

Accura's services are used by leading international companies in market sectors such as:Oil & Gas(Petrochemical), Aerospace, Chemical Processing, Motor Sport, Engine Manufacture.

What We Do:
Supply Chain Services Division (SCS) sources and manufactures:
Pipeline flanges and fittings, Pipe , Valves, Specialist steel sections and forgings

The SCS Division comprises: Linvic Engineering Limited, Concept Steels Limited, Accura Pipefittings Limited

Technical Contract Services Division (TCS) specialises in the manufacture of technically complex components in exotic materials for incorporation by OEMs into their finished products.

The TCS Dvision comprises:
Accura Geneva Limited
Accura Geometric Limited

Hickman Avenue Wolverhampton WV1 2DW United Kingdom