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Here at Acme Seals, we manufacture plastic security seals from polypropylene material. Our plastic security seals are available as fixed length seals or pull tight seals to suit your requirements. Our high quality and reliable plastic security seals are used in industry sectors including sea, air and land cargo transit, retail, utilities, and government organisations such as HM Revenue & Customs.

Metal Security Seals

Our metal security seals are manufactured in tin plated steel and can be produced with operating lengths of between 10cm and 95cm. Our metal security seals include the T-seal and the encapsulated T-seal.

Plastic Seals - Griptight Seal

Manufactured from two dissimilar materials, the Acme Griptight Seal is a heavy duty pull-tight seal. The insert is durable and will be able to withstand freezing and boiling conditions. The Nylon body is flexible for easy use.

To avoid tampering, the seal features rolled heat staking technology to secure the insert to the body. This seal is suitable for when strength is required.

Plastic Seals - Combilock Seal

Our Combilock plastic seals are manufactured from a polypropylene material. Our Acme Combilock Seal is a versatile pull-tight seal.  Our innovative design includes a strong locking mechanism providing positive audible clicks and a tear off tag for easy removal. 

Plastic Seals - M Seal

Our Acme M Seal replaces the discontinued Minitight. The unique locking action is very similar to the old Minitight but has the contours of the smooth X Seal. Our plastic M Seal has a new design which is ideal for use as an indicative seal.

Plastic Seals - H Seal

We have designed the Acme H Seal with a smooth ribbon, pull-tight seal. Our unique design features rolled heat staking technology to secure the metal spring insert to the body. This helps to if it has been tampered with. The plastic H seal is suitable if strength is required,  and is manufactured with or without gripping spikes.

Plastic Seals - X Seal

Our Acme X Seal is a pull-tight seal. Our plastic X seal will provide evidence of tampering and the design features rolled heat staking technology to secure the metal spring insert to the body. The seal is manufactured with either a Long Tag (LT) or Short Tag (ST) in three different lengths.  

Barrier Seal - Bolt Seal

Our ingenious Acme Bolt Seal is an IS 17712:2010 compliant high security bolt seal. We have designed the barrier bolt seal for high value ISO container cargo shipments.

Lead Seal

Our unrivaled round lead seal has been designed with two parallel holes and a knot chamber. To prevent slippage, during fitting of the lead seal, the wire is threaded through the two parallel holes, crossed inside the knot chamber before it is closed with the sealing tool to prevent slippage.


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