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ACP (Concrete) Ltd manufactures precast concrete walling systems, beam & block flooring and precast stairs & lintels.  Part of the Thomas Armstrong Group of Companies based in north west Cumbria, which has been in business for over 180 years, ACP has been producing concrete products since the early 1980’s.  Using ISO 9001 quality assured concrete from the company’s own batching plant all products are designed to Eurocode 2 and CE Marked.

High strength and quick to install prestressed concrete wall panels have proven to be suitable for a wide range of construction applications. Available from 95mm thick, suitable for warehouse cladding, retail units and security walls, through 145mm and 180mm thick for bulk storage walls, retaining walls, push walls, silage clamps and tanks right up to 280mm thick for the highest load situations. Precast concrete panels are made in standard widths and in variable lengths to suit requirements. Wall panels are available as supply only or as a full design, supply and install service. Structural calculations can be provided by the company’s own engineer.

Silage Clamp Walls

Precast concrete wall panels are ideal for the construction of silage clamps for AD plants and agriculture. The high strength imparted by prestressing enables the concrete panels to flex under load and ride the stress of machinery impact during emptying of the clamp without serious damage. Precast concrete wall panels are smooth and durable and the 90º wall/floor joint makes emptying the clamp easy, minimizing wastage and reducing the likelihood of damage to outloading machinery.  Two systems are available - Horizontal panels spanning between support columns or prestressed concrete vertical cantilever panels are supported in a simple concrete trench foundation using cradles and reinforcing bars supplied with the panels. All ACP vertical cantilever panels are designed to accept load from both sides making them ideal for dividing walls or to allow for future clamp extension. ACP Prestressed concrete panels are designed in accordance withBS5502 Part 22

Precast Concrete Retaining Walls

Precast concrete retaining walls for bulk storage buildings/push walls for waste transfer station can be constructed from interlocking prestressed concrete panels spanning horizontally between supporting steel columns or kingposts to provide foundation free, uniform, robust retaining walls. The panel type 95mm – 280mm is determined by the anticipated load, the span between the columns and the height of the wall.

Alternatively precast vertical cantilever wall panels can be used to construct retaining walls within the clear span of a building or external bunker structures. The prestressed concrete panels are set in a 0.5m deep foundation trench and tied into the base with reinforcing bars & cradles (provided). The system provides a freestanding wall of variable length & height (up to 6m). The type of panel required, 145mm/180mm/280mm thick, being determined by the overall height of the wall and the anticipated load.

Precast Concrete Tanks

Vertical cantilever panels are recommended for the construction of above/below ground tanks for water storage, flood prevention/attenuation tanks. The prestressed concrete panels are set in a 0.5m deep foundation trench and tied into the base with reinforcing bars & cradles (provided). The system provides a freestanding wall of variable length & height (up to 6m). The type of panel required, 145mm/180mm/280mm thick, is determined by the overall height of the wall.

Precast Concrete Wall Panels

Precast concrete Arrow panels are robust, portable, temporary or permanent walls available in heights from 1m to 4m. The interlocking tongue & groove connections and a mass concrete base provides stability with a self-cleaning 45° shedding angle. The panels are easily moved using a forklift or alternatively they can be permanently installed by bolting down to the floor (fixing is essential for 4m high units).   Ideal for division walls within a building, for temporary storage bunkers or to extend existing storage capacity, Arrow panels can be quickly installed ready for immediate use.

Push Walls

Prestressed concrete panels are the obvious alternative to in-situ concrete push walls in waste transfer stations and MRF’s. Interlocking prestressed horizontal concrete panels spanning between steel support columns provide foundation free, uniform, smooth, robust push walls.  Prestressed concrete horizontal panels or Precast Arrow panels can be used to construct bunkers within the clear span of a building or external bunker structures.

Beam & Block Floors

Precast concrete beam and block flooring provides high quality, economical concrete floor construction. Beam and block floors (also known as beam & pot floors) are constructed using prestressed concrete ‘T’ beams with standard concrete blocks placed between the beams. Beams are available in a range of sizes to suit a variety of spans and loads. Individual concrete blocks are laid between the precast beams to provide an instant floor. The beams are manufactured in lengths to suit each application, and the span between the beams can be adjusted to suit anticipated loads. ACP offer a full layout and design service for every beam and block project.

150mm concrete beams are suitable for domestic house floors, flats, nursing homes and commercial developments. Whilst the225mm concrete beams are suitable for floors subject to greater loads and longer unsupported spans.

Precast Stairs

Precast concrete stairs and landings provide fast track, high quality concrete staircase construction. Precast stairs are perfectly suited for the construction of high traffic stairs such as those in commercial and industrial developments. The high quality finish gives a durable concrete staircase for a long, maintenance free life with excellent acoustic properties resulting from the dense precast concrete used which eliminates the noise issues associated with steel and wooden staircases. Precast concrete stairs are the clear choice for fire escape stairs.

Precast stairs offer significant benefits - rapid installation & early safe access to higher floors during the construction phase of a project. Every precast concrete stair flight is designed in accordance with BS8110 & to suit the application. They are available in various configurations from a single stair flight to a complete precast stairwell with landings.

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