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ACS Industries, Inc. is the world leader in engineered knitted and woven wire mesh solutions.  Founded in Providence, Rhode Island in 1939, American Copper Sponge, Inc. manufactured just that: knitted copper sponges.  After experiencing heavy growth in the knitted wire mesh business unit and moving the corporate headquarters to Lincoln, RI in 1959, management changed the company’s name to ACS Industries, Inc. in 1960 and now is a major producer from plants in Mexico and China..

Today, ACS Industries, Inc. leads the industry in wire mesh technologies and is ready to take on our customers’ most difficult and important projects.  As the world’s largest vertically integrated wire mesh manufacturer, we are able to offer competitive pricing and short lead times.  In addition, we have worked extensively with the world's automotive Original Equipment Manufactures (OEMs) and Tier I Suppliers, affiliations that require our TS16949 quality control measures and standards to be second to none. 

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Automotive Applications

ACS Industries, Inc. has supplied the automotive industry’s Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) and Tier I Suppliers with engineered knitted wire mesh components since 1975, playing a major role in on-road, off-road and non-road engine applications ever since.  Through our industry leading Research & Development Department and complete vertical integration, we have established ourselves as the only source for all of the automotive and related industries’ knitted wire mesh needs.

Airbag Filters

ACS Industries, Inc. is the world’s preeminent manufacturer of airbag inflator filters, coolants and propellant retainers.  We are the only producer to specialize in all three primary filtering media: knitted wire mesh, expanded metal/woven wire and wound-wire.  In addition, we offer full engineering support services to assist our customers in media selection and filter design.  Learn more about ACS Airbag Filters...

After-Treatment Exhaust System Mounting Components

Designed for specific catalytic converter, particulate filter and other after-treatment applications, ACS Industries, Inc. offers a comprehensive line of knitted wire mesh elements offering body support, axial support, radial support and gas-tight sealing properties.  Learn more about ACS After-Treatment Exhaust System Mounting Components...

Flex-Joint Seals

Engineered to absorb exhaust system movement caused by thermal expansion, engine vibration and road-load; these seals maintain their integrity in exhaust systems’ connecting joints.  A variety of seal configurations are available to fit the exhaust environment and location on the vehicle.  Learn more about ACS Flex-Joint Seals...

Air-Gap Spacers

Commonly used in double-wall or air-gap exhaust pipe configurations, these compressed knitted wire mesh elements absorb thermal expansion differences and other operational stresses.  Learn more about ACS Air-Gap Spacers...

Sliding Pipe Connections

Unique and innovative, this new approach to static and flex-joint connections facilitates ease of assembly, saves space and makes repairs a snap. Learn more about ACS Sliding Pipe Connections...

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