The business model of ACTE is to distribute standard and customised electronic components and modules from world class suppliers, to the electronics supply chain such as wireless modules.   We aim to develop long term relationships with customers and suppliers alike, with established brands and new technology we are an essential business partner to all parts of the supply chain.   With a friendly, thoughtful and professional approach we welcome the opportunity to be of service to you.

ACTE in the UK are closely aligned within ACTE A/S in Denmark who in turn are part of the Lagercrantz Group AB, listed on the Swedish stock exchange.  With sister companies in Denmark, Finland, Gemany, Sweden, Norway and Poland.

ACTE are well positioned to add value to complex innovative designs and manufacturing solutions.


GSM Modules

For information on our GSM Modules , please see our website. Artificial intelligence is the heart of many products controlling processes and actions based on human desires and needs.   ACTE A/S focuses on the latest technology and know-how of the best solutions within Embedded Computing where we can offer our competence and assistance in a wide range of application areas.   Applications:    Internet enabling   Battery-powered equipment   Network control   Industrial control   MMI control   Motor control   Detect, monitoring and control systems   Sensors   Protocol management   Backbones Communication

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  Our competence is of vital importance for our success. The right solutions require the right mix of competences. For this reason ACTE always strives to strengthen personal and technical skills.   Also in future you will meet us as a partner who understands your industry and business - from the inside. We advise and guide you to the best purchases, and we help you with development and implementation of the most favourable integration of the technological possibilities.   Our aim and object is that you benefit the most of your existing technologies and solutions.
GSM Modules

Energy test and measure

Energy to everybody:
In everyday life all companies and all private individuals depend on various kinds of energy.   Our segment Energy, Test and Measurement is of special interest for people working with development and production of energy related products as well as electronic and electric installations in connection with recovery, transmission and distribution of energy. From source to consumer - or vice versa.
Energy test and measure

Industrial Control

Man-Machine-Interface   Our segment Industrial Control is of special interest for people working with development and production of products for control, monitoring and data acquisition of all kinds of processes.   The segment covers a wide field - from wireless control and monitoring in industrial environments to control and monitoring in the home. The possibilities within this segment are almost unlimited - no matter whether the functionality or the design is in focus.

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Industrial Control

GSM Module

ACTE have introduced the World’s Smallest Solderable GSM Module

The Cinterion BGS2 is the world’s smallest LGA (Land Grid Array) module for M2M solutions requiring voice and high speed GPRS data. Designed for high volume production, this ultra-compact module is ideal for small M2M devices like personal tracking units and portable medical devices that help safeguard health and wellness.Although the BGS2 is the slimmest surface mount M2M module in the world, it retains the same unparalleled reliability from decades of M2M expertise. Based on extensive market and customer feedback, the most compelling features have been streamlined and provided with options for dual or quad-band to help make it one of the most flexible and economical modules on the market.

Telecom and Multimedia

The only limit is your imagination   Our segment Telecom and Multimedia covers areas with many ramifications. The common aim is to connect people and companies.   Telecom and Multimedia is of special interest for people working with production and development of products related to wireless communication and wired networks - a world in a constant state of change, and only your imagination limits the possibilities.
Telecom and Multimedia

3G modules

The new Wireless Module PH8. True global coverage with 3G, including AWS.


ACTE bring Cinterion the worldwide leading supplier of wireless modules for the cellular machine-to-machine (short M2M) communication. Cinterion brings together the industry's foremost experts in M2M technology with a rich heritage of innovative product development, and an unparalleled list of first-to-market modules from GPRS to EDGE and HSDPA. By offering partnerships with the largest global wireless carriers along with dedicated engineering and customer support throughout all phases of integration, Cinterion customers receive superior quality products with the fastest time to market.

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ACTE A/S has always focused on customer needs, and as a representative of major leading manufacturers of electronic components and systems, we continue to bring the latest in technology advancements to our markets.

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