Action Circuits (UK) Ltd

Action Circuits (UK) Ltd was formed in 1987, and has been specialising in offering device programming and reeling services since 1990. We are one of the largest service providers in Europe and in a very strong position to continue to service the requirements of the electronics industry.

We have a policy of recruiting and employing a high calibre of staff throughout the company. We believe that our commitment to keeping a well motivated, and highly skilled team is the key to our ability in offering unrivalled customer service.

All of our staff are not only trained in the technical and quality aspects of the services that we offer, but are also aware of the time constraints that most orders are subject to.

This gives us the opportunity to offer a very fast turnaround on all orders, at no extra cost and with no compromise to quality.

Action Circuits device programming centre also offers component taping services and component laser marking services with certification to ISO9001:2000 and for our automotive customers we are also certified to the additional requirements of QS9000 or TS16949:2002.
We also hold approvals from the majority of Silicon Manufacturers, large OEMs, automotive and contract assembly services in the UK and worldwide for our automotive approved chip programming and reeling service.

Device Programming

All devices are processed on a range of hardware using silicon manufacturer approved algorithms. Action Circuits can offer an unrivalled level of service, matching your requirements with the correct hardware.

For example we concurrently run over 30 different programming stations for microchip device programming, including BP4500, BP4610, BP4700 and BP4710 fine pitch automated programmers, which can handle virtually all programmable devices available today. Devices are fed from automatic tray stackers, or vibrating tube feeders. The handling system uses state of the art vision centring to ensure correct placement. Once programmed and verified, devices are laser marked and placed back into tubes or trays in one operation.

Our many years of experience and ISO/ TS16949 :2002 approved quality standards ensure that every chip or component that you send to Action Circuits will have been processed and handled to the highest quality standards. Our Strict ESD standards will protect your devices from static damage. All of the chip settings are confirmed by our first article agreement.

Device Programming

Component Tape & Reeling

We specialise in the tape and reeling of surface mounted electronic devices. We can handle all package styles using standard carrier tape. If your part requires a custom tape to be manufactured, this can be organised with minimal lead time.

We operate a full range of component reeling machines, including a Systemation ST595-2 with integrated co-planarity inspection functionality. The other machines include a Systemation ST495, ST60 and MT30 models, which include automatic and semi-automatic feeders to accommodate tube to tape, tray to tape, and tape to tape. We can also arrange to load loose mechanical devices into our vibration hopper, which gives high speed reeling of difficult to handle parts.

Component Tape & Reeling

Dry Packaging

Looking for a service to dry pack electronic components then Action Circuits offer a full dry packing service for parts that are moisture sensitive. All parts that have been programmed or reeled will have their exposure time carefully controlled, and be repacked in moisture barrier bags. This is carried out under controlled conditions, applying a vacuum to the bag as it is sealed.

We can also bake and vacuum pack components that you may have, which are defined by the label as exceeded their shelf life.

Baking, if required, is carried out to manufacturers’ specifications. All dry packs are carefully packed inside the bag to avoid puncturing the bag, and final packing of the packs is carried out individually to ensure no damage is sustained during transit.

To vacuum pack devices or dry pack devices may seem a simple process, but it is also important to ensure that all waffle trays are strapped, and secure. Our machines are specifically designed for the dry packing of electronic devices.

Dry Packaging

Waffle Tray Supply

We supply a vast range of New and Reprocessed waffle trays. These plastic IC Matrix trays are also known as JEDEC style trays.

Action Circuits also supplies from stock other electronic component packaging materials including desiccants, humidity indicator cards and anti-static plastic tubes for all types of electronic components.

If you require waffle trays for re-packaging complex semiconductor devices, then we may be able to offer a quick solution. Plastic trays used for packaging electronic components are commonly referred to as waffle trays, matrix trays or Jedec trays. As a waffle tray supplier, we do our best to meet all of your requirements from stock. For all your electronic packaging requirements, please contact our sales team for a quotation.

As a waffle tray supplier, we ensure all our trays are antistatic and heat resistant to a minimum of 140 deg C, as they are not only used for IC shipping trays, but are also used as IC baking trays.

Waffle Tray Supply

Laser Marking

We offer laser marking using CO2 and Nd-YAG laser systems. Devices can be either laser marked in line using the latest technology shuttle handling system integrated into our automatic handlers, or on standalone systems at a rate of 15,000 devices/hr. Laser marking can incorporate any size font together with any graphics required.

Our Laser marking service is certified to TS16949 and we can mark any text or graphics onto your electronic devices. Laser marking onto plastic package is carried out using laser marking systems specifically designed for electronic device marking. Our systems operate at the optimum power and frequency to give a high quality result.

We can Laser mark onto PLCC packages, laser mark SOIC packages, laser mark QFP packages, indeed any package type currently available.

Our laser marking service is not restricted to electronic components. If you have a requirement then please contact us, and we will be pleased to mark a sample for your approval.

Laser Marking

Anti-static packaging

We are a stockist of anti-static IC tubes, supplying a vast range of New and Reprocessed IC tubes. These plastic moulded IC tubes are also known as sticks or antistatic IC shipping tubes.

If you require IC tubes for re-packaging semiconductor devices, then we may be able to offer a quick solution. As an IC tube supplier, we do our best to meet all of your requirements from stock. For all your electronic packaging requirements, please contact our sales team for a quotation.

As an IC tubes supplier, we ensure all our tubes are antistatic, and can supply pins, bungs and antistatic tube packing for part filled tubes.

Anti-static packaging

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