We are the leading supplier of camlock and groove couplings as well as a range of hose and fittings. Our camlock and groove couplings meet environmental, health and safety requirements while still maintaining competitive prices.

Dry & Quick Disconnects

Our dry & quick disconnects offer a range of minimal and non spill couplings that can perform fluid transfer functions when normal cam couplings will not do the job. When deciding on the best dry & quick disconnects there are some important things to consider including:

  • Valve Type
  • Acceptable Level of Spillage 
  • Pressure Drop
  • Interchangeability
  • Method of Operation/Ease of Use 
  • Temperature/Pressure/Media/Nominal Bore
Dry & Quick Disconnects

Colder Products

Our selection of colder products offer quick disconnect connectors, fittings and couplings to suit the industrial, science and chemical industries. We supply a wide range of colder products including:

  • Colder Bioprocessing
  • Colder DrumQuik Systems for Safer Chemical Management
  • Colder Products Industrial Fittings
Colder Products

IBC Fittings

We stock a whole range of IBC fittings and valves which provide quick and secure off-load. Our IBC fittings are made from polypropylene and stainless steel which provides a cost effective solution.  

IBC Fittings

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