Acugrip Ltd


Here at Acugrip, we specialise in the design and manufacture of precision workholding equipment. We supply cost effective precision workholding equipment using high levels of technical experience and attention to detail. We pride ourselves in providing efficient deliveries with friendly and helpful customer service.


We design and manufacture high quality onmigauges suitable for a variety of applications. Our onmigauges features include:

  • Robust, high-accuracy linear gauge
  • Reversible, for external and internal dimensions
  • Extension beams to 810mm (32”)
  • Plain and balltrack versions
  • Design/manufacture of measuring anvils

Hydraulic Arbors

We manufacture hydraulic arbors that work by expanding or compressing the sleeve material within the elastic limit under hydraulic pressure. Our hydraulic arbors are manufactured to be high precision and guaranteed to run within 0.005mm.

Hydraulic Chucks

Our high precision hydraulic chucks work by manually or power actuated expanding or compressing of it sleeve material under hydraulic pressure. Our hydraulic chucks are extremely accurate and expand or contract under equalised pressure from their geometric axis.

Hydraulic Gear Grinding

We have designed and manufactured hydraulic gear grinding solutions offering flexibility and extreme accuracy. Our hydraulic gear grinding solutions are designed to be operator friendly and efficient without the need for time consuming end clamps and nuts used in solid tooling.

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