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We specialise in dust/fume abatement and a vast selection of air pollution control and gas cleaning systems and related solutions, individually designed for specific operating conditions and to provide the most cost-effective means of achieving increasingly more stringent emission requirements.

With dust/fume abatement, particulates are removed from exhaust gases by either dry filtration or wet scrubbing. Fabric or ceramic fibre filters are capable of removing sub micron particles with a minimum pressure drop. The use of ceramic fibre filters enables hot gas filtration at temperatures in excess of 800°C.

Gaseous Contaminant Removal

We also have particular expertise with gaseous contaminant removal.

With gaseous contaminant removal, gaseous contaminants such as sulphur dioxide, ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, and formaldehyde are removed in either packed towers or plate wet scrubbers. Acid gases, dioxins and heavy metals can be removed from incinerator and furnace exhaust gases by the dry scrubbing systems.

VOC Abatement

We provide comprehensive solutions and services for VOC abatement.

With VOC abatement, catalytic and recuperative thermal oxidation systems are the most effective means of reducing many of the VOC emissions required to meet the most stringent emission standards.

Odour Control

For all of your odour control requirements, we have the complete service.

For odour control, chemical dosed wet scrubbers are an effective means of reducing odours from a wide range of process applications.

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